The igloo

When life gives you snow…

You build an igloo! (Well, at least our neighbour does!)

It was easy this year because of all the snow piled up at the side of his house.

He dug and shovelled and decorated with delightful frosty animals and candles.

How snug to sneak in there, hide yourself away and watch the world go by!

It’s a large igloo – it has two rooms.

And a door at the front that comes with hands…

But perhaps the most magical moment is wiggling  your way out through the tiny window at the back,

Climbing up to the top of the igloo

And sliding down.

Repeat until tired and bright-eyed and in need of hot chocolate!

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62 thoughts on “The igloo

  1. Oh, wow, what a great igloo! I am so impressed, this is a true architectural masterpiece! We have nowhere near that much snow anymore.;) Beautiful images.;))
    Hope Monday has been good to you,


  2. Now that is the kind of fun and experience kids do not get by playing video games. Gotta get outside and just ‘do it’!
    Great shots of quite a masterpiece of winter wonderland architecture!


  3. Wow! What fun. Your posts are enough to make me want to spend another winter with snow (I’ve never even seen that much I don’t think, but we used to have some.) Actually, maybe what your posts make me want to do is be a kid again. Sometimes I still act like one, but in snow and ice I’m afraid I’d be an old lady all the time ;>)


  4. Boy! That’s the real deal. When my sons build a snow fort [never looks as cool as this igloo], I’m always afraid the crazy thing will collapse on them. Looks like fun!


  5. My brother and I once built an igloo at the end of the driveway, where the snow was piled especially high. It was so cool inside, all surrounding by white. The snow seemed to insulate us from all sound. Magical.


  6. What a cool (haha) igloo! My son had a snow fort built but those things don’t last very long around here. That looks as though it could be a lot of fun for a long while!


  7. Oh, I love it, ladyfi! what a delightful, fun post for the day and what a great smile to end my day with! You are so creative and have such a wonderful view of life! Thank you! Have a terrific week!



  8. Here in Nara, I think I can’t complain the cold from –3 to 4 degrees Celsius, at least I can see greens and a little of flowers, although I yearn for snow-blanketed world.

    An igloo looks like Japanese “kamakura,” a dome-shaped snow hut, hollowed out of mounds of packed snow, with small entrance and wide space inside. It is filled with laughter of children playing house. Adults can get excited, too.


  9. That is fantastic! I moaned about our snow which was nothing by comparison. It was sludgy, wet and icy. I think that is the difference between countries like yours that are highly organised with snow fall. It is completely different from the kind we get.
    Wonderful pictures.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


  10. Again, you have the coolest neighbours…well next to my cow neighbours but they don’t build igloos!!
    Great photos- lovin that macro eh?? ;-))


  11. The first thing I thought about was the quiet inside.
    I’m in need of some hot chocolate and I haven’t even been sliding down an igloo….
    -20F here tonight.


  12. May I ask how much does a 2 room igloo,with special “hand-doors” rent for in the market? You know…I was thinking…maybe your neighbor could rent it to me when I go visit! Looks cozy!!


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