Harmony in textures

If I could see the world with the eye of an artist, then I’d see the pleasing curve of a stone or the texture of sand dunes in the moonlight.

As it is, I’m happy to make do with the beautiful wake a single duck can create

And the harmony of swirls, shapes and colours in a setting sun at the end of a glorious summer’s day.

What textures do you enjoy in your life?

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50 thoughts on “Harmony in textures

  1. You do have the eye of an artist!! Thank you far taking the time to post your view of your world. It lifts my spirits to see the beauty that you see and are able to capture so well. The colors in the reflections on the water are so incredible. Sandi


  2. Beautiful…you surely have the eye of an artist…and the heart too…presently I am enjoying the texture of snow…we are kinda snowed in today and likely tomorrow too with severe negative temps. Today we will decorate the tree, do some baking, play some games and watch some movies so I will enjoy these things as well. Happy weekend. XX


  3. Sorry, I am still so behind in everything, blogging, commenting, and life…LOL.

    Your photos are lovely as usual. Wow that frost covered tree sure looks Christmassy.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


  4. The colors are amazing Fi! I love watching ducks and — although I’d never quite thought of it that way — the textures of my life are those of nature as well. I love how your well-chosen words always give me something new to think about.


  5. I haven’t been here for a while Fi and have just looked at your recent blogs. What magnificent photos showing textures and colours! Wonderful! I enjoyed them – Dave


  6. Oh My … this is awesome! I have several fave textures …. the bark of a tree, the feathers on a bird, and the wrinkles on my mother’s hands 🙂 They all speak to me in their own way .


  7. And who gave you the permission to label yourself “not artist”. If you are not an artist, I don’t know who is.

    And it is getting monotonous I know, but I just have to say “Fantastic photographs”.

    The first is perfect in its symmetry, the second is perfect in its lack of symmetry.


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