Weather metaphors

The weather is a good metaphor for life.

Even in extreme conditions, it’s your point of view that decides whether life is beautiful or not.

Sometimes it helps to explore the thrills of the small things in life: like snowflakes on the handle of a spade.

See how they cling together, giving each other warmth and beauty? How together they can transform the mundane into – dare I say it – something better than themselves.

And even there, when you are out on a limb, you can still dare to veer off your path, to create your own loveliness.

See how those flakes are hanging down, stuck together with nothing but moisture, perseverance, a little faith – and some love.

That’s the miracle of life: each one of us unique, and clinging together to create beauty where we can.

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77 thoughts on “Weather metaphors

  1. Lovely photographs, have you ever read about “snowflake Bentley”. In 1800/1900 he photographed snowflake, people though he was a bit crazy. Interesting read the way he did it.


  2. Breathtaking photos – well done! And yes, whatever the inconvenience of the present weather conditions, they still produce beautiful, heart-lifting effects.


  3. Beautiful captures. It’s astonishing to see how the individual flakes cling together as they begin to melt. (I know there’s a scientific explanation for it, but it still amazes me;-))


  4. These images are enchanted! This beautiful art in snow and ice that only nature can create.;) And a keen photographer like you can capture.;))
    Loved your sentiments in words as well,


  5. You are so very creative, talented and with so much sensitivity to the world around you and you share it with us in such incredibly breathtaking ways. Thank you! You bring so much into my world! Have a beautiful week!



  6. Absolutely, sunning photos and such thought-provoking ideas. A friend of mine from Cameroon said that only in the north or far south is weather a philosophical matter. Around the equator, weather is just zen.


  7. I’m so jealous of your wonderful photos! If I’m not mistaken you got a new camera around the same time as me …. but you obviously read the manual a lot more (or are just very talented) because your photos are just fab and keep getting better and better!

    – Fiona

    ps – I know you must think we are crazy going on about a little bit of snow compared to your winter snow but for us, it has been a huge amount and worse – we are totally unprepared for it. The country ground to a total standstill last week and this week is not much better. We don’t even have winter tyres here which makes for some fun driving – cars are sliding and crashing into each other all the time. After 10 days of snow – we need a thaw!!


    1. I don’t think you’re crazy at all… That’s a lot of snow you’ve had – and, as you say, it’s terrible when the whole country comes to a standstill because it’s not prepared.


  8. The snowflakes hold such fascinating patterns, ever changing and no two alike. Also like the characters that make up the world.

    It’s gorgeous and your captures wonderful. However, I’d rather view it through your lense than up close. Brrr….


  9. Thank your for sharing so much beauty through your fabulous photographs! Your weather metaphors are lovely. Life is beautiful and it is a wonderful world!


  10. A lovely post with amazing photos! Things really are how you look at it. It’s been so cold here lately…but I’ve enjoyed watching the sunrise in the morning, something I can’t do in the summer as I’m never awake that early 😀


  11. So weather and life both require the right kind of “clothes” so you are prepared for whatever you encounter…but the clothes of life is your attitude…


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