At play

Now that November has settled on us like a soft grey shawl, it’s hard to imagine that only a few short weeks ago, our world was bathed in sunlight and autumn leaves.

The beginning of October was celebrated with an adventure to the climbing tree,

Where no child was too old to fill her boots with water

Or enjoy the warmth of the old tree and the delicious chill of bare feet in cool air.

Small boys played with sticks – and shadows,

And finally, exhausted from jumping off the tree too many times,

Enjoyed the last rays of sunshine on the patchwork quilt of autumn grass.

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64 thoughts on “At play

  1. How precious is this…such fun and you captured it so well. Climbing trees is the best kind of fun…as is getting wet and laying on a blanket of grass to look up at the beautiful sky.

    Happy Monday to you and yours today. XX


  2. Oh, this makes me miss the sumer… And dream off it as well…
    It is so far away and tomorrow we are suppose to get our first heavy snow.
    Beautiful images as always, have a nice Monday evening,


  3. Oh, yes! The perfect day indeed! Your photos are superb! I can feel the fun! I love what you’ve done to your blog, looks terrific! Thanks as always for your visit/comment and I hope you have a great week — both of you!



  4. I love this post! thank you for sharing your family’s beautiful day!! (And your November sounds exactly like ours, but you describe it far more beautifully than I would have ever thought of. I”ll try to think of it as a soft gray shawl from now on!


  5. Now all I want is summer back ( she says with frozen precipitation in the forecast)! Oh sweetie those pictures a totally amazing!

    God bless and enjoy this beautiful week of Thanksgiving sweetie!!! :o)


  6. Your photos and captions are terrific and surprising! Nobody would think of taking pictures of bare feet and wet legs dangling from a tree! But you did it!! The result is great!!


  7. This is such a wonderfully playful post. I especially like the last photo. I’d love to be able to plop down on the grass and soak up the sun. It’s too cold for that now but… next year. 🙂


  8. Even though your world is covered in snow now, I can see the suns rays reaching through.

    What a beautiful post, lovely images.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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