Birthday boy

He’s charming, good-looking and very sweet-natured.

He’s good at swimming and running and carrying things…


…. in his mouth.

He’s also a good kisser, an excellent alarm clock – oh, and very hairy!

Now, if he could only go to the toilet by himself and do the cooking, I’d ask him to move in with me!

Wait a minute – I already did… three and a half years ago!

My 8-yr-old, Oscar – who puts colour, the smell of wet dog and exercise into my life!

For more hairy creatures, please visit: Camera Critters.


46 thoughts on “Birthday boy

  1. Happy Birthday Oscar! I love that name for a dog and I love Oscar even though I’ve never met him in person. I’ve said it before he reminds me and looks like the dog I had for 17 years. Makes me miss her so much! Happy weekend!


  2. Oscar and Miss Daisy could be litter mates…except that she’s a bit older…our Miss Daisy is somewhere around 13 or 14. She’s a rescue, and we got her when she was about 5. I think Miss Daisy would like Oscar! I think he’s gorgeous!!!


  3. Oscar could post in the single’s ads – he’d be sure to get some responses with all his positive attributes! Who cares if he can’t cook – he’s gorgeous! Happy Birthday Oscar.


  4. Happy Birthday Oscar! I hope you get some extra special treats today! If Lady Fi ever gets tired of your wet dog smell or your hair you can come live with us..we would take you in a heartbeat..but I have a feeling that she is smitten with are a lucky dog Oscar! πŸ™‚


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