My street

Nothing – and everything – happens on my street.

Lives are lived out in tears and laughter.

Seasons enjoyed and wondered at.

First hard frost


My street is just that – a street with twenty-one houses flanking both sides.

Some of the houses are right on the lake – but not ours. (Which is probably just as well as I would be glued to the windows with a camera in my hand!)

I can open the door and find myself by the lake in a few seconds flat – ready to document the first snow that arrived only five days after the first hard frost – and which sadly disappeared only a day later.


First snow

If you walked with me by the lake, we might stop to admire the rickety old jetty with its view of the farm on the other side of the water.

We could laugh with joy as we watch the melting snow bouncing on the path to create rainbows.

And, if we’re really lucky, we could catch those magical snowflakes and appreciate the beauty of our seemingly mundane lives.

For more magic, please visit: My World. (And remember to click each photo to enlarge it.)

66 thoughts on “My street

  1. Your images are stunning and your photography tells of a keen eye and a sense for beautiful composition. The last image is priceless…
    For me personally your images also bring back the pristine and unblemished beauty of Sweden, a country where I grew up. Thank you for the memories.;)


  2. smiles. sounds like a rather cool place to be…lots to see and plenty of people to share it with if you would like…marveling at your white stuff…


  3. Thank you for taking me for a walk down your street. I love the beauty that your eye’s see and that you share them with us. Our first snow is sure to be soon…they are talking about some coming in some parts tomorrow. The little’s would be thrilled. 🙂

    Hope your Monday is going marvelously. 🙂 XX


  4. I’m packing my bags now. I’ll be on your doorstep shortly. I require little food or care…

    How beautiful and serene. Your photos make me want to just step into the scene. Is there an App for that yet?

    Actually, the little rural valley where I live is the same way and if you don’t turn on the TV or look at the news you can delude yourself for quite some time into thinking all is well with the world.


  5. Your street is most beautiful sweetie but did ya have to go and use the ‘S’ word!!! Ya know that I’m soooo not a winter chick and it’s comin’ to the Ozarks all to quickly!

    Your pics are simply amazing. I especially loved your doggie with the snow capped nose!!! Cute. :o)

    God bless ya and have an extraordinary day sweetie!!!


  6. Beautiful images. You’re lucky to live where you do. I have a small lake/pond within a minute from my front door too. So far no snow though. I’m not envious of that! 😉


  7. Hi There, Thanks so much for coming to my blog. I am enjoying yours —but am shivering thinking of SNOW and FROST…. We are still fairly warm here in Tennessee—but I’m sure that frost and snow will be in our future…

    Thanks again for visiting… Please come back often.


  8. Honey!
    I realised a long time ago that I’m a city girl, I don’t do outdoors very well, I don’t like silence, hell I’m scared if there isn’t at least 10 persons around me. In short: I don’t fit in the country side. But when I see your pictures I start to reconsider (reconcider? as in cider?) cause it looks so wonderful. Those colours!!! Maybe I and my high heels soon could come and visit and go for a walk with you and your earrings?



  9. A truly beautiful post! Those photos are fab – wish I could take some as good!

    Murray loved that last one with the snow on Oscar’s nose!

    We have little chance of snow here in Ireland – despite how much we might wish for it!


  10. Your images are so beautiful. I especially enjoyed the one of the dog with snow on his nose, it made me smile.

    You have created a wonderful blog, thanks for stopping by, Lady Fi.


  11. It’s a beautiful place to walk. Last year I seem to remember (from blog photos) that the snow didn’t come to Sweden until much later. Is it early this year? Whatever the weather, I sense youy’re enjoying the season!


  12. And, if we’re really lucky, we could catch those magical snowflakes and appreciate the beauty of our seemingly mundane lives.

    Love this quote and the photo above it…quite magical to me!


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