Delicious autumn

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.
— George Eliot

There is something special about the blue weather of October with its intense skies. The leaves glow as if they were part of a Monet painting.

The very light of autumn makes the treetops sing and the grass shine.

The falling of the leaves whisper to the living, of new beginnings hidden there in the ending of things.

And there, up in the blue, a single leaf takes wing – the butterfly of autumn – to remind us that life is change.

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60 thoughts on “Delicious autumn

  1. Ah, the first image is absolutely stunning. I know and recognize the sentiment, it is as if everything is painted by an unseen artist. The last splendor before the colourless winter arrives.;)


  2. Beautiful, vibrant shots. You capture the season so well. I stood outside yesterday trying to catch a falling leaf .. with my camera, that is. I just wasn’t quick enough. I’m so impressed that you managed it. 🙂


  3. The serenity of autumn. Such wonderful photographs. And the George Eliot-quote captures a thought I’ve often had – to go travelling in autumn and constantly fly further, to yet another country where there is still autumn.

    Here is another quote, from The October Country by Ray Bradbury:

    “That country whose people are autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts.”

    Now, this is your blog and what I do now is somewhat irregular. But would you allow me to share some of my own autumn photographs with you and your readers? If so, here is a link to The Autumn Gallery:

    (I am adding , in the hope that it will not be broken up when posted.)

    Should you find this untoward (to publish this link on your blog), I totally understand and in that case just erase this comment.

    All the best,


  4. We had the shiniest of autumn days here yesterday. You put the words to what I could only feel.
    Great capture of the single leaf.
    The new layout is really wonderful.


      1. Personally, I totally agree with you about the sharing of links. But I would also understand if somebody didn’t want others to add material to their blog, so to speak.

        Anyway, glad that it works!

        All the best,


  5. love the perspective in the second shot as well as the elongated shadow ~ the composition gives a feeling of warmth with a bit of eeriness added to it.

    great template!


  6. Oooohhh would you look at those blue skies!! I’m looking out the window and all I can see is grey 😦

    Love the new look blog

    C x

    Ps. Sorry for not being about much…Uni has fully kicked in and I’m feeling a bit swamped


  7. First, I love your new blog design. Very crisp and clean. Secondly, the yellow against the blue. Isn’t that the Swedish flag too?


  8. Pure gold to start, pure enchantment to finish. I think my favorite is the leaves on the fence – there’s something about that composition that really appeals to me.

    Super series of photos!


  9. Such a fantastic post! And you are so right about autumn and all it’s beauty. Your photos are superb as are your thoughts and words and they are so very true! Always a delight to come here each week! And thank you for your visits and kind words! Have a beautiful weekend!



  10. Your dog in your header photo might like to hear this true story that my friend told. We are still at the tail end of winter, and it is a wet winter so it is very muddy.

    My friend’s border collie has long hair and gets caked with mud. She takes her to the dog hairdresser to trim a bit off. When she came back, dog is bald.

    Now, Dog finds it too cold to go outside, and lies in a warmed blanket.


  11. Sorry I’ve been so scarce the past few months! Lots of things going on and I wasn’t able to blog hop at all. I’ve been looking through your past posts and you’ve got some truly stunning captures here. I especially like the “model” pics of the kids at the lake at sunset – wow!


  12. Your skies are lovely!! I also like the photos is your header..very impressive! Have a great weekend..Snow you say..say it isn’t so..I am not ready for winter. I bet you are not ready for it either:)


  13. This is a lovely set pictures. The autumn colours are so lovely, but it is what comes afterwards that scares me. I don’t think I would survive a Northern hemisphere winter.


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