It’s easy to take freedom for granted if it’s never been taken away from you.

As I watch the Chilean miners slowly being lifted up to the surface again- to safety and their loved ones,

The tears running down my face,

I wonder if they feel as if they are up there in the sky

Flying free in the tangled ribbons of the heavens.

I imagine that sunlight and air and freedom never tasted so sweet.

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62 thoughts on “Libertad

  1. How true…it’s easy to take our freedom for granted. I too, thought some of these same things as I watched. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and photos. Hope your day is sweet. XX


  2. i imagine so as well…i was celebrating right with them as i watched them come to the surface…lovely pics that capture that freedom well…


  3. Sometimes we need a reminder of how sweet and necessary freedom really is. Your sky shots with the birds flying free is an apt metaphor, Fi.


  4. Beautiful pictures and tribute! I can’t even imagine being underground with no sky for one work shift… I think they were unsung heroes even before the cave in. The whole world is rejoicing with their families.


  5. Thank you for such a lovely tribute and for your gorgeous skies! I felt such joy at knowing they were free at last to see the skies, the world, their families! We are indeed all rejoicing with them all! Have a beautiful weekend!



  6. Freedom! Yes, freedom! Who can take it for granted indeed! But only those who suffered agonies from any form of tyrannies.

    The heart-stopping and momentous event of the Chilean Miners Rescue Mission “where humanity still exists” – truly has brought tears to my eyes. Unbelievably, the intricate moment of carrying out such a delicate mission also has touched my daughter’s heart as we both watched the ordeal throughout the live coverage from Copiaco, Chile.

    And what a fitting tribute of your skies to these men who were saved from the lion’s snare (death) buried almost 700 meters below the ground.

    A lesson of faith, trust and hope for all of us as your photos depict.


  7. Yes, your birds flying free can remind us that it is sometimes easy come, easy go, and in the case of the miners, they didn’t know which it would be until the last man reached the surface.
    Wonderful things still happen in this vale of tears.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada


  8. Lindas fotos que traduzem o sentimento de liberdade! Enfim, respiramos aliviados ao ver o resgate de todas aquelas pessoas… De certo, este acontecimento não só deixou marcas em suas vidas como nos ensinou muito também… Devemos valorizar cada minuto da nossa liberdade, aproveitando o máximo com as pessoas queridas. Somente quem é livre pode ser feliz de verdade.


  9. It was an amazing rescue to watch, you weren’t the only one sitting with tears in their eyes watching it! It’s not everyday we’re able to witness a miracle like that and you’re so right, you never know what you’re missing until it’s taken away and then given back…your appreciation for what was taken away goes to a whole new level…


  10. Started crying even before I watched the video. What a dramatic long series of events. The colours of your sky photos are equally dramatic. On days such as these, aren’t you just plain glad to be a witness to all the events?


  11. I’m sayin…..this old heart jumped for joy for them. I can’t imagine being totally in the dark and underground that long. Hubby said it would be like bein’ submerged in a submarine in the ocean depth. I pray that they will adapt well to life above well.

    Ya’ll have a magnificently blessed weekend!

    I’ve been MIA~ Lost my Daddy….


  12. When I’ve had a long stuffy day inside… going out for a fresh air walk is amazing … I can’t imagine how the fresh air feels to the miners! Must be incredible…

    Beautiful photos of the cotton-ball clouds and the birds~

    *happy weekend to you*


  13. So many days underground..I am not sure I would have survived..they must have been comfortable underground..and yes..their joy in being alive was awesome..just think if everyone greeted the new day with such joy! 🙂


  14. What a touching post and beuatiful images as well. I agree with you, at times I like to get lost in stories such as those, the ones that describe real life, stories of pain and suffering, but also of survival, beauty and love.


  15. Such beautiful photography, Lady Fi.

    You know, it was so wonderful to have an entire day filled with good news…those miners being rescued seemed to bring together the whole world.


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