Around my world in four seasons

How to sum up my tiny part of the world  in order to celebrate My World’s two-year anniversary?

Let’s take a walk through the four seasons…

… and feel the warmth and light of those long summer evenings by the lake.

Cup your hands and drink in the misty serenity that is autumn.

As the riot of leaves dies down, find yourself floating in the soft pastels of a glorious winter landscape.

And finally, as the world wakens again, find the joy in a world bursting with new life.

The cycle is complete, yet never ending. The same moments repeat themselves in a familiar rhythm.

The key is to live these moments differently.

Click the photos – they look much better that way!

63 thoughts on “Around my world in four seasons

  1. Thanks for documenting the pleasures of each season so well LadyFi. I get a little grumpy about cold, snow, and winter, but it makes for a nice fit in considering the 4 as a whole.


  2. Misty serenity is beautifully expressed, but truth to tell autumn is not that often misty. On the contrary, the air is mostly crystal clear and the serenity I personally find in the silent explosion of brilliant colours, in the stillness and quietude, in the mercifully weak sunshine and in the giant clouds of storm building at the horizon, forming a magnificent backdrop to the treeline.

    And not to be pertinent, but I think you’ve taken your autumn photograph a bit too early… the colours are not that brilliant yet!

    Since you do take such beautiful photographs, I’ll be so bold as to make a wish – will you please take on and post it when we have reached peak foliage?!

    All the best,


    1. Thanks for your kind words. I totally agree that autumn has not peaked yet – maybe in a couple of weeks. However, I don’t have that many photos from last year, so posted one from last week. Misty, serene – the beginning of autumn that promises the exhilarating clear air and explosion of colours that you talk about.

      I promise to post a few golden shots once the leaves have peaked. They’re turning slowly…


      1. Yes, most of the trees are turning slowly this year. Where I live a number of maples turned very early, but then they always do, don’t they? Also, the birches are turning and some of the other trees that also turn yellow, but there is still a lot of green foliage to be seen everywhere. I am, however, looking forward to your photographs of peak foliage.

        All the best,

        P.S. By the way, sometimes my fingers are quicker than my thoughts. I naturally *meant* to type “impertinent” and “one”, respectively, in my previous comment to this blog post, but there you go… my fingers… D.S.


  3. Congratulations on your two-year anniversary. Now I have that old “Byrds” tune going through my head… “To everything, there is a season, Turn, Turn, Turn.”

    At least I think it was the Byrds. Regardless, it’s a beautiful song and goes well with your photos.


  4. Beautiful landscape photos Fi. Regarding the children in the tree, we have an old tree in a public park that I climbed in as a kid about 60 years ago and it is still there. I often took my grandchildren to play in it too when they were younger. They loved it! – Dave


  5. Coming form a city where there are just the two seasons, virtually, these other seasons amaze me. I am experiencing autumn for the first time in my life right now! I love it!


  6. Succinct, poetic and with such beautiful photographs. Each season has it’s own special quality and if we said there were five I wonder where the fifth would lie? Four is better, though all blend and merge.


  7. Very beautiful scenery, love the reflection in the water. Oh I love the huge tree with low lying branches, used to climb and play up the trees when I was young.


  8. Such a great series of pics, and it’s amazing to think that they were all taken within minutes of our house! You’re so talented at seeing the pictures that I walk past without even noticing 🙂


  9. This is so wonderful. I could picture you framing these and hanging them on your wall. What a lovely collection that would be! I think I like winter the best … just so dramatic!

    Beautifully done … as always!


  10. Nice to feel the seasons. I do love the summer and autumn ones the most. Winter is difficult for me to enjoy, though I can see how Christmas is so beautiful with snow and family.


  11. Love the photos of the 4 seasons – beautiful. In Vegas life begins when summer ends – today it was still 26C at 11 p.m. – the heat refuses to let go. Winter is respite.


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