45 thoughts on “How to be as happy as a dog

  1. We didn’t get our Lindy to a beach this summer. We’ve had her a year this week, so next summer we’ll be sure to go. Oscar reminds me of her so much. Fabulous dogs, Goldens, aren’t they?
    Alberta, Canada


  2. Have you got a new camera or are you just surrounded by amazing lighting all through your days. I find your photos keep on getting more and more dramatic and poignant.


    1. I’ve had my new camera (my first DSLR) since Christmas. Perhaps I’m just getting better at taking shots? Also, the light is so different here in summer.)


  3. Oh Oscar would make a wonderful Life Coach, don’t you think? An excellent Shaman, a gifted Guru 🙂

    I often think, as I watch my cat sleep curled up atop his cat tower, that he actually has the secrets to life. That cat knows how to live luxuriously.

    But dogs know how to live joyfully 🙂 Wonderful pictures, lady fi!


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