Of arrows and moss

Still looking back to my world as it was in England a few weeks ago…

My sister took us to the leafy woods to try our hand at archery.

We built a campfire. Whittled sticks. Grilled marshmallows.

And admired the arrows with their vibrant colours.

Our very own Robin Hood taught us how to hold the bow, aim and shoot.

It took a long time to go around all the targets because my sister kept stopping to stroke the velvet moss with her bare feet.

Dim sunlight filtered through the leaves so it was like being in a underwater world of green.

The silence was pierced by children’s laughter.

All in all, it was a glorious day out.

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47 thoughts on “Of arrows and moss

  1. sounds like a glorious day…have yet to teach the boys to shoot arrows…perhaps soon…great pics…and a moment i would just want to hold onto…


  2. Fabulous! I always fancied archery but have a lousy sense of direction/location. Your son’s a left-hander – should be good!
    Oh, the moss is gorgeous – it must feel wonderful beneath the feet.


  3. Your writing is so full of lovely description which your photos compliment. I keep the words and images in my mind a long time. That last photo is a stunner.


  4. Oh, what a fun, delightful post!! I love it! I, too, feel as though I know and like very much your sister! And I also love your little Robin Hood! Thanks for sharing the fun, the beauty and the love! Have a great week!



  5. I wonder how are they the same with darts because i’m truly hopeless with darts. I’d like to try the arrows, I might fare better. Looks like a fun day out for you all.


  6. Her toes look warmer this time! Great photos..I remember when my brother got his first bow and arrows..I was so jealous..I made him share with me..I hope both of your anklebiters got a chance to try! 🙂


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