Stormy sky, overlooked

It’s all too easy to overlook everyday beauty, don’t you think?

You look out of the window and sigh, “Grey skies again!” Well, at least I do.

But now and then those grey skies are suddenly transformed into a dramatic and breathtaking oil painting, with large clouds balled up in a sky that seems to go on forever.

(You can always click the photos to see them even better!)

As you look, you see that the colours are not really grey, but a glorious range of pastels, silver and pearly coloured, splashes of dark purple and – there – can you see it in the photo below? – a lovely blue breaking free from the horizon like a shy smile lighting up a small child’s face.

I’m going to scoop up the next grey skies in my hands and drink deeply from them.

Will you?

For more great heavens, please visit: Skywatch!

45 thoughts on “Stormy sky, overlooked

  1. I’m glad you mentioned I could click and enlarge the photos. I really love the different shades of blue and in a way, they remind me of storm in Belize when I see the waves and ripples on the water.


  2. Magnificent! And such a great post as always, Ladyfi! There is beauty even in the gray! There is beauty wherever you choose to see it — different perhaps, but it is there! Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you as always for your visit/comment, always appreciated and enjoyed!



  3. oh, my God…
    I dont get to finish the comment:

    which photo I like most, I do not know .. both are beautiful. Both are special … Both are the picture of nature in Sweden


  4. Lovely — storms brewing in Sweden and in Florida…that pearly/pastel stormy sky effect is something we notice here ,but never did in Oregon (where on stromy days it really did seem just gray.) Maybe we just got too used to it there….


  5. Your skies always look as though they are leading to some magical place, Fi. They seem to beckon the eye beyond the horizon. Thanks for the muse on grey.


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