Oh no – not again!

It happens far too many times to count on two hands now and then. I just can’t help myself.

It’s all Nature’s fault.

There I am, ready for bed in nightie and dressing gown; kids dressed in pajamas.

A ruby in the sky beckons; calls my name and tells me to hurry.

Nature is putting on a show and I just can’t miss it.

“Oh no – not again!” sighs Sir Pe as I rush outside in dressing gown, clutching onto camera, two excited kids and a few strands of straggled dignity.

People pretend not to notice us in our nightclothes.

But there is no alternative, is there?

After all, who would want to miss out on moments like these?

For more glorious photos, please visit: Skywatch!

55 thoughts on “Oh no – not again!

  1. Gorgeous. I love those moments when you must heed the sky. I felt like I ran right out there with you… and moved over to the right to snap that other perspective. Yeah, gorgeous!


  2. Fantastic! I’m so glad someone does this besides me!! And I would have been right there with you! Such dramatic, stunning captures and I don’t care what you were wearing, just glad you didn’t miss them! Hope you have a beautiful weekend! Enjoy!



  3. Wow, you’re a regular wee willy winky…hehehe, but I’m glad for that so you could share these gorgeous photos with us!!!


  4. No one should miss a sunset like that..I go outdoors in my jammies all the time! I have to get in the car and drive out of the woods to see the sunset..sometimes I do that in my jammies too:)


  5. Wow.
    I’d grab my camera and run out even if I’m wearing ultrahigh heels and…. nothing else! 😉


  6. How could one ever be blase enough not to run out dishabille and joyfully partake in such a scene. Good for you! Fantastic photos.


  7. I do the EXACT same thing, only in the morning. Not only am I in my pajamas, but I have horrific bed head. My backyard views of the mountains create the most beautiful early morning photographs. I have oodles of them. Gorgeous sunset pics… just breathtaking.


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