One view, two perspectives

The darling buds of May have exploded into leaves and grass and flowers.

The long light evenings mean that it is more difficult to stay awake to see the sun setting. In May, the sun is till high in the sky as it peeps shyly through the graceful curtains of leaves.

What a contrast to the same time a month ago! The April sunsets were marvellous viewed through the bare silhouettes of the trees.

What a difference a month makes!

For more heavenly views, please visit: Skywatch!

41 thoughts on “One view, two perspectives

  1. The incredible difference is so amazing, isn’t it? Love your beautiful captures that show that difference so perfectly! Hope you have a delightful weekend, Ladyfi!



  2. That is amazing- both shots are glorious, but I’d prefer the top one….imagine it was a bit warmer photographing then also!! ;-))


  3. It almost looks like 2 different locales. Your landscape has greened so quickly. I’m a little jealous, but thanks for sharing!


  4. No wonder you have this feeling of jumping directly into summer from winter. The photos a test this! So like the fact that you and family live so close to water.


  5. Dreamy, the soft green delicate leaves are a delight. Yet I love the trees in winter when you get to know them better!


  6. The top picture makes me think of my favourite way to be outside – in the shade of trees on a hot summer’s day, with a good book!


  7. and each a beauty in its own season! I look at the second picture and I feel like longing for something, love the emotion depicted. Happy weekend!


  8. Reminds me of the song “Everything is beautiful, in its own way…” Great shots!
    Thank you for visiting the House! 🙂


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