39 thoughts on “Knocking on heaven’s door

  1. The beautiful colours in your sky pictures caught my eye and I had to come and visit, – what a lovely response you got to knocking on Heaven’s door!


  2. Stunning photos. Today, we wake up to a sunny day. Time to take a walk and look at those skies you refer to.


  3. Heaven is answering back loud and clear this morning – a really beautiful morning here with the sun splitting the trees and a dog with a paw on my knee telling me its time to go for a walk ….


  4. Your photos are beautiful and the skies do seem to be expressive.

    I am looking through my window……. at our sky.
    What do I see? Grey, grey……… flat grey!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


  5. Marvellous photos with such a range of beautiful colours, particularly in the second.
    I liked your story of the violinist. What a tribute to his father that he could never play the violin again after his death.


  6. no sure who it is but there is some pretty rocking music here in the coffee shop this morning…and its leaving me with a smile, so i will knock…


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