Hot dog

Have you every thought about how difficult it must be to go around wearing a thick woolly sweater all year round?

There you are – one minute playing out in the sunshine with a football…

… and the next minute, you deliberately go off in search of snow in order to cool off!

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36 thoughts on “Hot dog

  1. I was wondering if you’d ever see bare ground out there! Oscar just wants to make sure he gets a few last rolls in the snow before it’s all gone away.


  2. Yes, Bently gets so warm when the sun shines right now even though it’s not that warm in temps- can’t imagine how he will be this summer- going to have to get a kiddy pool I think….hahahaha…Oscar has the idea- smart boy!


  3. I think our cats are just permanently cold….they have spent all winter glued to the radiator (honestly, I swear Gai had steam coming off him) and now that we have some sunshine…they can be found splatted in the patch of sun roasting!!

    C x


  4. April… the month of shedding dog hair EVERYWHERE in my house! By the handsful. Every nook and cranny. Love my dogs. Hate dog hair. They go nuts and get all excited on a cool breezy day since the snow is gone now.

    The Blue Ridge Gal


  5. or just leave your tongue hanging out the side of your mouth and just not worry about it because everyone thinks it is cute anyway? smiles.


  6. Our girls are clipped quite short every five weeks or so but I think a lot of the time a dog’s coat acts as a cooling mechanism as well as insulation – I don’t know the science behind it but I’m sure I read it somewhere


  7. Do you ever shave him? We’ve been considering that with Minky this year because the hair is SOOOOOOO plentiful. I hear pros and cons but our area occasionally reaches 115 degrees in the summer. I know I shave myself when this happens. 🙂


  8. Dodger is in the garage now cooling off on the cool concrete after having a run with a neighbor dog. No snow here right now to cool him down. I love how dogs love balls, big and little ones.


  9. Just stopped by to say thanks for visiting my blog!

    Cute post…my cat is solid black, and when on her brief outside forays in the summer, she heads directly for the shade under the patio umbrella!


    1. He’s had silver fur since he was two apparently… I’ve cut down on his food but I’ll give him full portions again as others have said he’s looking a bit thin… (Well, he is a bit under the weather after being bitten.)


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