47 thoughts on “Frozen surprises

  1. – 18 ! horrible ! we made it til – 14 and that was unusually cold for Belgium ! The picture is beautiful, but cold ! Our skies are grey and it’s raining cats and dogs ! But it’s “hot” + 7° !


  2. I love your shots of the cold, lit by the fire of the low sun. I spend time in the north of Canada for work, north of the Arctic Circle, and it is stunningly beautiful in winter.


  3. This is beautiful! And I love the thought of catching the cold and painting it. Although I’m not sure what it would be, I’m sure it would be pretty.


  4. Breathtakingly beautiful – clean and pure.
    I read your post about motherly crying. It is so true that young voices singing – or giggling – can set the tears flowing. Did you know that teachers exploit this? Why else do we have little angels lisping ‘Away in a manger’? but despite the cynicism that sometimes creeps in, having rehearsed the Nativity umpteen times, still tears spring unbidden . . .


  5. Wow!!
    We had those temp.in winter 2009
    its very cold for The Netherlands ….. ;(
    This year only -10grC

    Your pics are AMAZING !!!

    Stay warm ….. please 🙂


  6. LadyFi, you asked how I would paint the cold…It would be a thin bare brown branch on a field of silver gray. We are sweltering in California with a high 50 degrees today and a lovely rain. Thank you for visiting my blog. It is always a pleasure to hear from you.
    Cheers from Chris


  7. Hi, Lady Fi! I’m a new visitor coming over from BPOTW. I enjoyed my visit here so much! I am from Swedish ancestry…my paternal grandfather’s family emigrated to the Boston, MA, area in the early 1900’s. They were from Karlstad. I will be back…hope you get a chance to stop by, too.


  8. Stunning photos!

    Kanskje jeg kan skrive på norsk, jeg l merke til at du er lokalisert i Sverige? Takk for fin kommentar hos meg. Ja, det er hvor jeg bor, skjønt bildene er fra sentrum av Bergen og jeg bor litt utenfor 🙂


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