The dancing sky

Have you ever noticed how a bad mood is like a threatening, moody sky

That wakes up on the wrong side of the clouds

And drapes itself with frowns

Only to see things from a new angle

To find the light in the clouds

And transform itself into a beautiful blue butterfly

Of sun and puffy clouds –

Under which the vibrant girl in the pink jacket

And her dog

Can dance and twirl in joy?

Moods can lift almost as quickly as the changing sky.

33 thoughts on “The dancing sky

  1. I use to say the same thing about living by the sea, when the ocean was stormy and frothy my humor matched…and on days when the sun glistened down on the still water like diamonds I was at peace….it was amazing how nature played with my emotions like that…I had never given much thought as to how the nature effected me when I lived in America.


  2. It’s called the pathetic fallacy…isn’t it? But I agree, days and days of grey skies and rain and we’re sagging. A bright sunshiney day with a little breeze and we’re ready to face the world.


  3. hi lady fi, both of them look pretty, ^0^
    i’m in a bad mood lately so, i think i would like to see more inspiring and vibrant colors. tnx for sharin! a foto, like the weather can certainly uplift you mood or the other way around. ^0^
    have a good weekend!


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