Snippets of life

People are fascinating, don’t you think? One week in November last year – before the snows came –  I had the pleasure of observing a range of wonderful characters on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden. It was a fantastic day, with the old cobblestones turned to shimmering gold.

And as I wandered the streets, I observed the following people:

Russian clown escapee? Very tall, gangly bone-thin man with the large black Cossack hat atop fly-away blonde hair and all-too short mustard corduroy trousers ending just above the ankles. Short enough to reveal a pair of elegant ankles encased in scuffed, comfortable-looking boots.

Waiter fashion victim. Oh baby-faced youth! You look as if you should be at school, dreaming about girls and video games instead of clearing plates at the local Asian restaurant with your Adidas nylon sports trousers so low down on your buttocks that the tops of your thighs would be showing if it weren’t for that deliciously long shirt you’re wearing.

Woman fashion victim. Brown buckled knee boots with sandy-coloured harem pants tucked inside. I wonder if we were really designed to have our crotches hanging around our knees?

I definitely need to get out more often! If only to gather more blog fodder…

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43 thoughts on “Snippets of life

  1. Oh, you have definitely made my evening, Ladyfi! And definitely the best laugh of the day! Isn’t it fun to be able to just kick back and “people watch” for a while! Yes, you do indeed need to get out more and supply us with more laughs! Have a great week! I look forward to more observances of yours!



  2. those pants are ALL OVER DK! And I just want to put a full length mirror in front of the person wearing them each time…. yikes!


  3. What little I can see of Stockholm, it looks beautiful and solid. As for harem pants… well, better that than tattooing your entire body and piercing your tongue.
    Crotch around the ankles? Not an elegant look.


  4. Thanks for your comment – it was actually you who inspired me to join My World! Thank-you. I love this post. What powers of description you have! I used to wear harem pants. But only when I thought no-one was looking.


  5. I like this!
    It also reminds me I should print out model releases and put them in my planner in case I’ll need to photograph people when I’m out and about – say, in Stockholm, on THURSDAY! But writing may be more elegant than just showing photos anyhow.


  6. p.s. I think the words fashion victim are quite true. I sometimes can’t believe how gullible people are. When I had to buy new shoes for this winter, there were two styles: super cute little non-leather boots (lucky me!) or thigh-high, high-heeled leather boots. Seriously. In Sundsvall – I find this extra ridiculous because we all suspect people in Stockholm MIGHT wear those boots 😀

    Last time I saw those kinds of shoes were when I watched Pretty Woman as a little girl and my mum explained about her profession and the boots.


  7. I try to refrain from commenting on fashion, no matter how bad I think it is, as I’m usually the one found to be horribly out of date. I try to stick with the jeans and sweatshirt look; hoping it never goes out of style!


  8. On our vacation in Foz, we saw a lady with these low hanging crotch pants! Awful, I tell you!! I hate them! They are even worse than “sh*tcatchers”!!! 🙂


  9. Your photo is full of athmosphere ! very beautiful.
    I had to laugh about the pants of your woman’s fashion victim ! I had the same in red, I bought it Tunesia, it’s an arabic cloth. Very practical when it is hot. In french we call them a “Fart bag”, lol


  10. The street scene is wonderful. I love the cobbled streets. Those harem pants, on the other hand, are dreadful…it takes a very emotionally secure person to actually wear them in public, I’m thinking!!


  11. Cool. We’re all so jersey-knit coordinates bought at the supermarket when we were picking up milk here where I live. I miss having a little eccentricity thrown in the mix.


  12. hey, don’t laugh! i actually own a pair of that waiter pants, well, it’s called alibaba pants here.
    in defense to that, it’s very comfy, though unpleasing to look at. ^0^
    as a fashion addict, have to agree that “we” are really fascinating, people show up and dress in the most extra ordinary way. ^0^


  13. Wonderful photo of your streets..the buildings are so colorful, and close together! We like to people watch too..I am sure that we get a few odd looks too..those pants are a fashion nightmare..but what do I know I have worn snow boots with shorts because my feet were cold:)


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