Of rainbows and marshmallow skies

For one glorious day this week, the clouds disappeared

And let the sun frolic in a sky that was

The fragile blue of a jay’s wing.

And floating up high were delicious marshmallow clouds

That beckoned and said, “Come, take a sweet sticky bite of the day!”

Not to be outdone, the sun gleamed and glittered

Leaving a trail of sparkling rainbows

Like laughter

To lift up the spirits so that I shouted out in joy.

For more glittering skies, please visit: Skywatch!

40 thoughts on “Of rainbows and marshmallow skies

  1. And I can understand that perfectly! What a great post, marvelous photos to wind down my day! Thanks for sharing the smiles and those good feelings! May they continue and may you have a terrific weekend, LadyFi!



  2. Our weather is totally opposite! For one day this week we had clouds and for once no sun…. but still had 43°! I´m so tired of summer….


  3. I loved your poem, especially the quickening of emotion in the last four lines, until you shout out in joy.
    Nice to meet you, Fi. Thanks for coming by my blog today. Would love to see you tomorrow for my “Simple Things Challenge.)


  4. Oh my this post was wonderful. I love this line…The fragile blue of a jay’s wing. Your writing is wonderful. The pictures are breathtaking too. So crisp, clear and still. Loved them. Meanwhile we are sweltering down here….


  5. Ahhh ha! There is the sunshine the weather experts said we’d get! Glad one of us got it! Wonderful shots Fi! Have a great saturday night!


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