52 thoughts on “Sky-less

  1. Quite beautiful actually Fi with the snow standing out in contrast. For a while earlier this month we had the gray no sky effect, but with no snow for bright relief. Just nothing but monochrome everywhere. But the gray never lasts forever and it’s beautiful in Oregon right now, at least for a few days until the next rain.


  2. Wow, you certainly have a talent for seeing the perfect picture! You should offer to sell high quality prints to your fans, I bet there would be plenty of takers!


  3. But how beautiful!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog iva Hillary’s POTW… I hope you’ll come back again. I post almost every day, pics of animals and short little tales or notes regarding them….


  4. Love what you’ve done in these two photos – the ice and snow contrasting with the house and the bridge, making great focal points. You’re really enjoying photographing the snow, aren’t you?!


  5. Wow, so beautiful. The trees are just fantastic with that sticky snow. The little back bridge is just perfect composition. And the first picture – wonderful bit of yellow from the house. Both beautiful compositions! You have become one of my favorites stops! Always beautiful



  6. The sky may have disappeared, but you surely have captured some of your best shots here. It looks like a marvelous, wintry, frosty fairyland. That 2nd shot is surreal it’s so gorgeous.


  7. Amazing photos. Its like something out of a fairytale. I cannot imagine it given I am in a very hot climate here…hope you are well and I need to catch up on your blog.


  8. Oh…these snow, gray scenes are sensational! It really looks like a magical place or like a painting. Well done! And I too love the color contrast between the white snowy landscape and the soft yellow coloring of the house.


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