Say cheese!

Dear Santa,

When you brought my owner, Lady Fi, a new black box thingie – something with four letters like DSLR – did you realize how annoying it would be for the rest of us?

As soon as I put  my head down to get some well-earned sleep and put in some good ole canine snoring…

… I am suddenly disturbed by her nuttiness oohing and aahing at my cuteness and all-round adorableness. Now, while it is true that I am pretty lovable, I don’t need to be reminded of it every time I try to get to sleep!

It’s no wonder then that after the umpteenth time of being asked to say cheese…

I started looking – how shall I put it? – cheesed off!

Please please let her go outside with her new toy so that I can get my beauty sleep!



For less annoying pet owners, please visit: Pet Pride

37 thoughts on “Say cheese!

  1. Awwww, what a sweet ol’ face….the key is to take the photo quickly and hide the camera when he looks up…he’ll think he was dreaming…hahahaha…and as far as the portratits…it’s just something adorable pets must get use too…it goes with the adorableness…(my own word thanks…hahahaha)


  2. dear oscar,

    when you get to be over 100 years old like me, you’ll be glad lady fi took those handsome photos of you while you still have shiny fur. now… say cheese…



  3. But what is bad for Oscar is good fur us. (misspelling intended once I realize it was a pun.)

    He does look cheesed off … what a good patient guy he is!


  4. Wonderful photos 😉
    I suspect both Molly & Ms Kitty feel much the same. I’ve learned I get the best pictures of them with my telephoto lens when they don’t realize they’re my subjects.
    Hugs and blessings,


  5. I’m glad you persisted, despite Oscar’s irritation, in getting these great pictures. He is such a good subject. So cute, and he is such a good writer.


  6. Oscar

    We’re thrilled Lady Fi has upgraded her camera – now we can enjoy even more photos of you – and she’s doing you proud!

    Don’t worry the novelty will soon wear off – someone here got a new camera last Christmas and a year later can’t even keep it charged!! Don’t ask about the New Year’s Eve party photos that weren’t taken!!

    Oscar – we all agree you pose very well!

    Cheers from all the gang!


  7. Hee hee I know how you feel…I don’t understand why AL doesn’t aim that black thingy called DSLR to humans! Happy New Year, get some sleep.

    Coffee and Oreo


  8. Fi – just give Oscar a big fat smooch right on his black beautiful nose from me will you.

    I miss kissing dognoses – and love seeing them here.

    After a smooch whisper in his ear “deal with it – most people adore you” and he will say cheese again (or eat it?)



  9. Shadow is on your side Oscar! He gets the “click clicks” all the time! And while it is flattering, it can be an invasion of personal space! And he has lots of that! Great photos!


  10. Can’t get enough of Oscar – that dog is uncanny. What camera? Seems everyone is getting a new one – I ordered mine yesterday, a better Lumix. What fun we’re having.

    Happy New Year.


  11. Oh I know that feeling. I think for a while my cats were more papped than most celebrities. (And are probably better looking and more useful too…)


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