Yellow dough makes good buns

Remember that I mentioned the Swedish tradition of people drinking glögg and eating saffron buns? Well, this tradition extends over the entire festive season: say, December and January.

When I first tasted these Lucia buns of saffron, I wondered why on earth anyone would eat something that tasted of medicine and looked as if it were made out of neon yellow plasticine.

However, just like facial hair, the buns grow on you (as it were) and I do enjoy a saffron bun or three at Christmas time.

The Swedes usually make them in the traditional S shape (so that they look like sleeping cats), but in our household, we do not like to be constrained by tradition and we create all kinds of fantastic figures: letters of the alphabet, horses, dogs, snails, flowers, toadstools, snowmen – you name it!

I may not be able to cook, but now and then, I can manage some successful baking!

For more traditions around the world, please visit: My World!

49 thoughts on “Yellow dough makes good buns

  1. Oh, you always bring a big smile to my face, Ladyfi! And today was no exception! I love all of your clever saffron buns — would love to taste one! What a fun post as always and great shots as well! Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Enjoy!



  2. It looks very yummieeeeeeeee…….
    I have also Dutch traditions on my blog,
    I love it also to baking !!!!

    Happy Holidays
    Happy NewYear
    keep blogging in 2010 🙂


  3. Hmmmm, tastes like medicine eh? Not very tempting…I still haven’t tried these, even though we’ve made them in barnehage for years…they tell me they taste dry…ugh, nasty, baked goods should be somewhat moist…not dry…so I’ve avoided them and there is just something about the yellow colour..don’t know what it is…but perhaps if we ever meet I’d try yours?? Hmmm….


  4. Those are some fun pics of your buns. The dough doesn’t look so good, but they do look good once they are baked and I would like making the shapes.


  5. Loved the facial hair / buns comment!

    Very impressed with your baking talents! Having eight into dinner tonight and should be baking but taking five minutes! Seriously thinking of cheating though and just heading out to the local bakery!


  6. They look wonderful, I was inspired by your recent post. And mixed up my own version of Saffron buns. Oh, my, they are good, I can see why you make them each year.

    Happy New Year’s.



  7. This Ozarks farm chick is salivating like a rabid dog right now. BTW the facial hair thingy cracked me up! Tooo funny.

    Have a great day and a wonderful New Year!!!


  8. these look great! And you would have been quite proud of us… we brought 3 containers of Gløgg to the US with us!! And introduced it to my family on Christmas eve.


  9. Taste like medicine?
    What kind of medicine do they have in England?!? If I get ill I’ll go there, yes I will.

    And I think you’ve got it wrong for a change: The saffron bun + glögg season lasts from November until February, ending a week or so before the semla. 🙂


  10. Love that bookmark? or the sign that says the Queen Doesn’t Cook!! But she must bake..the buns look delightful..I have never had a saffron bun ..that I know of. The anklebiters made a great assortment of shapes..Happy New Year to you all Oscar too!! 🙂


  11. I think I am right in that you are a secret gourmet chef and baker. 🙂

    I learned something new. Danes drink the glogg, but they don’t do saffron buns. Those look very interesting!


  12. Oh cool – I’ve always wondered what saffron tasted like. For a picky eater I’ve always liked things that should taste bad like candy that tastes like soap, so buns that taste like medicine could well be right up my alley!


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