Feet in the clouds

It is cold and snowy. The bitter wind blows the snowflakes into my face as I plod homewards with the kids. Going from school to home along the slippery pavement requires effort and concentration.

Head downwards, I concentrate on my shoes – and my troubles. I will my feet to stay rooted to the pavement, pray for gravity to pull me pavementwards, to anchor me…

Suddenly, from behind me, sweet singing soars upwards, like balloons filled with musical air flying up, upwards to meet the snow and the stars.

It is the children, singing a song to welcome in the winter, to embrace the snow, to dance on the wind.

I look up and smile.

My feet are free from their tethers and I lose myself in that single snow-filled magical moment of song and joy.

It is only a moment, yet it is my whole world.

26 thoughts on “Feet in the clouds

  1. Children’s high sweet voices – when in tune – are adorable. I don’t think snow is though. I’m a slider and a skidder and have rotten balance. Good luck with keeping upright


  2. Absolutely beautiful. I’m stalling taking the dog for a walk at this moment.. hoping that the temperatures warm some first. It looks about this cold out there. 🙂


  3. I love these moments that you write about. They capture the spirit, and the joy in your life.

    It made my heart soar, just reading it.

    Love, love, that photo. Stay warm.



  4. Such an uplifting post. We had bitter cold and snow for a week or so recently and I loved walking the dog out in it early in the morning. There is nothing as quiet and peacful.
    Children do have a way of keeping us balanced, don’t they?


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