It’s just a number…

Welcome to my birthday party today! That’s right – I just happen to be a year older on this very day.

How old? Well, I like to say that age is just a number and that it’s the life in your years that counts… But if you push me, I have to confess that my age has a 0 in it.. and a 5… (though not necessarily in that order)!

For some strange reason, this is an important age in Sweden and after discussing it with their friends, the anklebiters have come to some conclusions:

Anklebiter #2 (6.5 years old): “Mama, when you’re 49 years old,Β  you can still play with children. But when you’re 50,Β  you have to stop…”

My reply? You only have to stop ifΒ  you grow up as well as old.

Anklebiter #1 (8 years old): “All my friends are jealous that you’re so old.” (Why – thank you!) “You’ll have to take lots of rests when you turn fifty though…”

Ahhhh – if only!

And if I am to go through a mid-life crisis, then I’m not sure which one it should be, as Steve Toltz so amusingly put it:

“There were no two ways about it: I was in a crisis. But recent shifts in the behaviour of different age groups made it hard to know what type – How could it be a midlife crisis when the forties were the new twenties, the fifties the new thirties . . . I had to read the lifestyle supplement to make sure I wasn’t going through puberty.”

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41 thoughts on “It’s just a number…

  1. Well, Happy Birthday! my friend! Since I’m 76 and old enough to be your mother, you’re just a child to me, so feel young and beautiful — which you are and enjoy a marvelous birthday and with many more to come!

    Have a great week!



  2. Happy Birthday to you. 50 is a special day in this country too. When a lady gets 50 she sees Sarah as said so they give her a cake or something funny with that name Sarah on it. My oldest son will be 50 next year so you could be me daughter. Still very young to me as I am 71. Oh my…


  3. Happy birthday! My fifities are only recently in my rear view mirror and I highly recommend them….a great time. Enjoy your birthday and all the best to you for the new decade you are entering. Believe me, you can definately still play, a lot.


  4. Happy birthday! I was just thinking, when reading the age of your kids, you will be going through menopause, when they hit the teenage years…. πŸ™‚ That should be fun! πŸ™‚ j/k
    I think your kids will keep you feeling young for a long time!!


  5. Happy, happy Birthday Girl!

    Oh by the way, do you need to take a nap for a moment?

    You are young, and I love that Steve Tolz quote. Yes, just what age group are we all heading into?

    Have a wonderful Birthday.



  6. Happy birthday! Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !

    I, too, am a December baby. But on the 26th, and on that day add 3 to your number! My baby brother turned 50, and he’s totally in denial. πŸ™‚
    My husband just turned 60, but has the heart of a kid, while doing Meals on Wheels, etc.


  7. Your kiddoes sound PRECIOUS!!And I say take their advice…”take lots more rests now”!! :o) Hope your day has been wonderful!


  8. Happy Birthday, and thanks for all your support! PS Love the quote about puberty. I hated going through the teenage years, but a someone also knocking on the door of mid-life it doesn’t seem so bad after all… πŸ™‚


  9. A very special birthday wish to you! A dear old friend of mine once told me that there is one decade in your life that you find difficult to land your feet in. Mine was 40 for a lot of reasons. Landing into 50 was like sliding into a comfortable pair of slippers. I hope that it is the same with you.


  10. Compared to me you are a young girl, lol ! theoretically I could even be your mother. (I am 66) but as you say it’s not the years which counts but how you feel in your head ! Happy birthday !


  11. Yeaaaaaaahhhhh……
    Happy Birthday πŸ™‚
    I almost missing your big party ……. LOL
    (Next year ( I am also 50 😦
    I don’t like it when I be honest to you but we can help it
    we are so young as we are feeling… )


  12. I agree with you … age is a state of mind, not a number.

    And the quote is so funny!!!!

    And if being 50 means you get to take naps, I’m looking forward to it!



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