Grey is the new light

My small slice of the world has been wrapped up in soft grey tissue paper.

And sprinkled now and then with pearls. In this case, the luminous moonstone white of the swans bobbing upside down in search of food.

And just when I think the soft grey clouds are winning, I catch sight of a splash of tinsel, a dab of gold.

We have to embrace the grey too. After all, it is a part of life’s mosaic.

And look – the soft grey pastel tones have a near-magical quality!

What greys will you embrace today?

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40 thoughts on “Grey is the new light

  1. Hey, it’s the gray season and it is definitely the “new light” in Seattle these days! Terrific shots! They do say it so well and there is even beauty in gray! Just have to look a little harder!

    Have a great week!



  2. It really amazes me that I could take your pictures and put them in my blog and say they were current pictures from here in Oregon. Anyone here would believe me completely. (Except that they’d wonder at how my photography skills had improved.)

    anyway, you would feel right at home here. your post is ia lovely reminder to enjoy what the seasons bring.


  3. There isn’t anything much more mysterious and lovely than a misty lake in autumn. Beautiful pics.

    What grey will I embrace today? The dozen or so silvery-grey hairs which catch my eye every now and then. I’ll embrace them with my thumb and index fingers and yank those suckers right out of my head. 😉


  4. Your photos are soothing but I cannot embrace the gray for more than a day at a time. When I lived in Glasgow for a year, I noticed how the gray influenced the moods of people around me. I started going to a tanning booth. That was in my twenties.


  5. Everything looks ethereal and romantic. I like it, well I should, because it is exactly what we are seeing around here. Maybe with a touch of misty fog, rain, and wet.



  6. Lovely shots!
    I have a place in the countryside in the wilds of Ontario, Canada. Just an hour north, is another beautiful area that is identical! a “dead-ringer” for the photos you have posted here.
    Incredible! The water, the imagery is very peaceful, serene.
    Very nice narrative you wrote to accompany the images.

    ~Thanks for sharing the gray! in your part of the world.
    ~Sandra Lynn


  7. After two weeks of light and sunshine, I have some difficulties to get used to grey again, lol !
    Probably Cairo is very polluted, but I haven’t seen anything that day, maybe because it was a Friday which is the Sunday for muslims, and therefore less traffic.


  8. “We have to embace the greys, too….” Boy. Ain’t it the truth. I needed that bit of wisdom today in a tangible way. I will keep your photos in my mind. I only like grey if it’s bringing rain. Pervasive grey gets to me. But you’re right….it’s all a part.


  9. Grey is busy time in our household as it presages dawn and the cats have a ‘scamper’ time before going to sleep as the heat of the day sets in!


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