It’s a cool autumn weekend.

Tensions are running high.

An occasional honk is heard as the players warm up – stretching muscles, getting into a huddle for last-minute instructions.

It’s time for the local soccer championships…




And this is the local team!


For more crazy animals, please visit: Pet Pride!

30 thoughts on “Quackers!

  1. O this is hilarious! Loved the commentary build-up! So many ducks in an open space like that (and where’s the water?) is quite amazing! Good one!


  2. That is funny and quite a twist/conceit in the John Donne sense.

    I saw your link on French Fancy’s blog, an equally aware-of-animal-quirkiness writer.


  3. Now this had me laughing out loud when I saw the ducks. How funny! I bet watching them play a game would be more interesting than watching a game with real players. Less tantrums.


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