19 thoughts on “New perspectives

  1. Is that a rim shot i just heard? LOL

    Woe! I just noticed that your second toe is NOT bigger than your big toe. I think you’re only the second person i know like this. Freaky!


  2. LOL, I ready TypO´s comment and it was just what I was going to say! You should see my feet!! 🙂
    But changing your perspective is hard, I agree.


  3. I thought big toes should be bigger than second toes – mine are. Anyway – I had to look twice at this and think it is a good idea to shake us all up a bit.

    As for your vid from yesterday – the piano one – I sent it to my m-i-l and we both now want to live in Sweden.


  4. You are too punny! It is fun to play with things like that, which is why I like when my little one takes photos. His perspective is so different and amusing!


  5. My younger one loves photographing his feet too!!!

    Incredible that you have been able to rediscover something we have been conditioned to forget!


  6. Your blog on my birthday, haha. I have a pic like that but I did it to show off some painted toes. I rarely treat myself to girlie things but when I do I document.


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