Viking spirit

Do you remember when we went rowing with God a few weeks ago? And it turned out that the gods in questions were, in fact, two men dressed up as Vikings?


Although dressing up as Vikings is not really a good way of describing their way of life.

They breathe, act and live as Vikings! For the older man that you can see at the front of the boat, Viking is a way of life. He has built seven or eight copies of a thousand-year-old Viking boat that was found here some years ago. Some of his boats, like this one above, are used to take passengers around the lake. Others are made exactly to scale and are seaworthy.


Like this one, which I spotted half-hidden among the reeds. The young man (standing in the water in the first photo) has also inherited the adventurous Viking spirit. When I talked to him, they had just come back from sailing this boat to Finland. And their next adventure is sailing off to Russia.

Quite a long way when all you have is a sail and some oars. I believe the hull is made of fibre glass rather than wood, but it is still a long way to go – just sleeping out in the open or under a cover on the bottom of the boat.

Who said Vikings didn’t exist? Long live the Viking spirit!

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39 thoughts on “Viking spirit

  1. We have something like this in colonial New England in the US, but I would MUCH rather see Viking adventures, than some woman from the 1800s making cornmeal! :o)


  2. Maybe they should upgrade their boats a little for long journeys. Like a cabin would be nice. Things have improved somewhat since the Viking days. And in the old days, didn’t they have lots of Vikings on board, so they all rowed together and got to places faster?


  3. What an amazing hobby (I assume)! When I was in Stockholm I viewed the ship (forget the name) that was lifted from the seabed – but that ship dated from about the 1400s. Long live the Viking spirit – especially as Vikings now come in peace!


  4. went to a party given by a viking now transplanted in New Zealand. He works with my husband and we talked a lot about vikings.

    Re: My photo, no that is not reflection, but part of the fence.
    We were lucky that we didn’t live in the concrete jungle of Singapore. We had monkeys come into our house.


  5. Looks like quite an adventure, but a chilly one! I would have thought that summer would have been a better time to do this :-p


  6. Great spirit! English people always remind me of Lindisfarne, and I claim the Swedish vikings were just ordinary merchants trading with friendly people they encountered on their travels. They actually were very nice, weren’t they?


  7. That sounds wonderful….sleeping under the stars the water lapping at the side of the boat….*sigh*

    I’m guessing that the reality is probably very different!!

    C x


  8. Wow! I thought I had an adventurous spirit. I love boats, but there is no way I would take that boat into the ocean for anything! Good luck to them for living their dream!


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