Rowing with God

“Look! It’s God!” the kids burst out as we rounded the corner into the sunlight and ran excitedly past the two 1,000-year-old rune stones.

I peered closely. I could see an older bearded man with sackcloth clothes, and a bowl and spoon chiselled out of wood by hand hanging from his homemade belt.

“No! Over there!” shouted the kids and pointed at a man in a sackcloth dress and bare legs.


A Viking boat full of passengers

We had come upon one of the many events celebrating the Vikings in our little corner of the world. The two men in dresses were, in fact, dressed as Vikings and they offered interested spectators a ride in one of their Viking boats. (Actually, these are copies of a thousand-year-old Viking boat that has been preserved in one of Sweden’s museums.)

My two kids, one of their friends and I clambered rather awkwardly into the boat. Everyone was set to work – even the kids – and we had to row out onto the lake using the very large, heavy, hand-carved oars. It was hard work! Finally, the cloth sail caught the wind and away we sailed on the glittering water.

We were the last ride of the afternoon. With tired arms and a happy heart, we waved good-bye to the two Vikings as they sailed off into the setting sun – satisfied that we had had a little taste of history that sunny afternoon.


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48 thoughts on “Rowing with God

  1. What a good mommy you are sharing such interesting experiences like that with your kids…and I thought it was so cute and totally kid like to yell, “there is God!” I love kids…


  2. I see the boats, but I don’t see any vikings. Aren’t you supposed to be wearing the funny hats with horns? And running ashore and flinging a maiden over your shoulder? This is too peaceful for vikings – lovely scenery and photos.
    P.S. Love your dog Oscar.


  3. But you should tell them that God’s actually ever-youthful and the most beautiful person physically, in every way….not this old man nonsense that has been pushed around for centuries, made up by…er….who, exactly? πŸ™‚


  4. What a wonderful experience! We had a replica Viking longship visit Dublin last year and it was a fantastic experience for the kids to be able to go into the museum yard here and visit the longship and talk to the ‘vikings’ – great lads who were full of interesting facts and information. Bringing history alive as you say!


  5. Amazing!

    At first I thought I was looking at a similar picture from my son’s illustrated Bible Storybook. I so enjoyed looking at these. A taste of history is always wonderful.


  6. Hi
    What a pleasure to read about your experience on the viking boat. It really touched my heart that they, in their spontaneous innocence, saw God at the boat. Wow, your kids are truly blessed to grow up in Sweden and with such precious parents!
    Big hug


  7. One would think that God could have made the wind come up a bit more quickly and saved you the rowing.

    Should I ever come to visit you, I will promise to stay ashore and take lots of pix while you all use those heavy, blister-causing oars.


  8. Oh now THAT would be cool! I would love to sail in a Viking boat, especially with all the other Viking stuff we’ve done.

    And I think Peter would agree that God looks like a Viking. Ha!


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