Do the cinnamon twirl

What has this….


Cinnamon Swirl

Got to do with this?


Janitor on the roof

Although you might think that this janitor was auditioning for a part in a new re-vamped musical called Janitor on the Roof or that he was trying to burn the excess calories caused by consuming too many of that most Swedish of buns – the Cinnamon Swirl – both guesses are wrong!

If you guessed that he was inventing a new dance called The Cinnamon Twirl, then you are getting hotter…

You see, back in May, the school decided to try to get into the Guinness Book of Records by ‘making’ the largest cinnamon bun in Sweden…

… Out of children!

Music blaring, people dancing and the kids doing their best to make a new record!

Making the 'bun'

Making the 'bun'

First of all, they joined hands to make the bun part.

And then, they kicked up a lot of dust…


Creating the swirl of the cinnamon bun

And finally fell into formation to create the swirl bit of the bun!

Did they make a new record?

I don’t know. Everyone I interviewed had their mouths too full of cinnamon bun to answer!

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41 thoughts on “Do the cinnamon twirl

  1. Had no idea the cinnamon swirl came from Sweden. Great idea for children, but I doubt you made the Guinness Book of World Records – where’s the cinnamon?


  2. Dancing cinnamon bun – what a fun idea! I am sure everyone had a great time. So, the janitor was the choreographer .. is that why he was up there on the roof?

    PS: Now I know that Cinnamon Swirls originated in Sweden 🙂


  3. Hmmm…. but I can’t imagine that a cinnamon swirl made out of children would be very good to eat. I would rather have a traditional, albeit smaller, cinnamon swirl.


  4. How is a cinnimon swirl different from the cinnimon rolls I eat here in the U.S.? Maybe I need to make a serious study of the differences. Wouldn’t that be the best job?!


  5. Swedish cinnamon rolls don’t look as sugary as American ones, so I don’t think the kids need to exercise as much to get rid of the claories. We have a mountain of white snow–glaze–on ours.


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