Not just a pile of old stones

Walking the dog has a whole new dimension when it turns out to be such an adventure! Last week, I told you how I discovered a WWI bunker hidden in the forest. Well, it gets better.

On the same walk, I came across this! Can you guess what it is?


Yes, it is a dog, a weird-looking tree and a pile of stones!

But that pile of stones is not just a pile of stones. It is so much more…

You see, the pile of stones is actually a grave.

A grave from the Bronze Age. Now, this may not mean very much to you, but the Bronze Age came after the Stone Age – which makes this grave and these stones about 3,000 years old. That’s right: 3,000 years old!


And although the information board looks as if it, too, is ancient, I think that the fuzziness is just a result of the weather… I mean, it’s hard to look good in hail, sun, snow and ice!

Anyway, unlike rune stones which commemorate dead people, these stones actually cover the remains of 3,000-year-old corpses! According to the information, archaeologists removed the stones in order to see what was in the grave. But – once again – the harsh weather conditions have taken their toll and there is very little to see after three thousand years.


Now, is it just me – or is my dog really trying to hog all the limelight?

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35 thoughts on “Not just a pile of old stones

  1. LadyFi, your dog is trying to get all the attention from the camera to himself. How cute!

    You so lucky to find all these things while merely going for a walk. So far, I managed to get chased by a dog during my walks.


  2. Was the dog having a pee? Well, LadyFi lives in a splendid part of ancient Viking-land.


  3. You live in the most fascinating area. Can I take a walk with you? (Of course, that does mean slight travel on my part and you having to put me up and all. But it’s really about the walk.) 🙂


  4. I was going to guess “grave” before you even mentioned it. Between this and the bunkers, you’ve had some exciting walks lately! 😉


  5. Wow, if the old bunkers weren’t an interesting enough find. An ancient grave. I would have guessed it was a hanging tree. Very cool post.


  6. Well, that trumps the cabin I found in the woods from the mid-1800’s for sure!! I LOVE all the wonderful things that are around you 🙂


  7. I loved walking around the Viking graveyards in Denmark. Yes, it looks like just a pile of rocks, but it is interesting to learn why they put them the way they did, and that they can lay undisturbed for centuries!


  8. What a great story, even tho your dog does seem to be in all the shots you point came out nicely. Very very interesting My World post!


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