The birthday present?

A few months ago, while we were shivering in the middle of winter (Wait – we’re still shivering in June over here. Winter weather – minus the snow), I bored regaled you with the story of Sir Pe’s broken bones and the horrific story of his three days waiting for an operation.

Now you might think that – just like Sir Pe’s leg – our two anklebiters were scarred for life by this experience. Do they remember visiting a drugged Sir Pe? (He certainly doesn’t remember our visit!) Do they remember how they carried in balloons and one burst nearly causing a heart attack in an elderly fellow patient? Have they been scarred by the memories of the sick people, the smell of disinfectant and bed pans, the rustle of nurses’ uniforms as they were told off for running and laughing in the corridor? (The kids, that is, not the nurses…)


I don’t think so. You see, today is Sir Pe’s birthday and last night I was talking to the anklebiters about going out this evening for a tasty unburnt meal to celebrate. I was thinking somewhere a little special…

So were the kids!

“Can we go to the hospital and eat pancakes there?” they asked all excited.

Because they still remember with fondness just how good those pancakes in the hospital restaurant tasted.

Happy birthday, darling – and here’s a plateful of hospital food to celebrate!

24 thoughts on “The birthday present?

  1. Isn’t it funny what kids remember!! I don’t recall ever visiting either of my parents in hospital but I do remember when I was about four being in hospital to have my tonsils out. I don’t remember much about my stay but I do remember leaving and saying to the nurse

    ‘Thank you very much for having me but if I’d known it was like this I wouldn’t have come’

    Happy Birthday Sir Pe I hope you have a lovely day

    C x


  2. Hospital food reminds me of my late Aunt’s cooking skills. Had I been on death row for any unfathomable reason, I would have asked for her to cook my last meal. I would have done for myself long before the authorities got around to me!

    Hope you have a good time and aren’t those wee rugrats sweet for suggesting it though?!


  3. I love that! And it’s so true. The things I try to protect my babies from don’t turn a hair and the things I think of as fond memories wake them up screaming in the night. But hospitals do have lovely pancakes, nice and buttery.


  4. That cartoon is sooooo true! I just got out of the hospital and the food was the worse part! I really don´t understand that, because if your sick your taste buds are all “off” anyway, why do they give you such tasteless food too???!!
    Happy Birthday to Mr. Pe! Hope he got a little better food than pancakes….


  5. Thank you darling, and everybody else 🙂 . Now we’re on our way out, and we’re not going to the hospital to eat!


  6. why on earth would they suddenly remember the hospital?? next time I’m ill, it needs to be in Sweden quite evidently!


  7. Happy Birthday, Sir Pe!! Hope you have wonderfully delicious food, but preferably NOT at the hospital. But that is SOOOO kid perfect. Both of mine have, at different times, have looked forward to hosptial visits for the “delicious” food. Okay then.


  8. Hope you had a lovely birthday Sir Pe!

    Loved the kids comments – bit like how I used to worry so much about what the kids thought about the amount of hospitalisation we went through while living in Brussels – a long story – but all they remember are the great ‘frites’ and the yummy ‘pain au chocolat’ and ‘dame blanches’.


  9. Well, Sweden isn’t exactly known for it’s culinary delights, so that might explain their attachment to hospital food :))


  10. Oh that is the sweetest isnt it even though you need to get these kids eating out more. Hospital food, yikes! happy birthday to the birthday boy!!


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