Mysterious object: the sleeping giant

Last week, as I was walking through the verdant lushness of a Swedish forest in glorious springtime weather, I suddenly saw something lurking there, in the shady woods. Just imagine – it has always been there, but I have only just noticed it for the very first time!

The dog jumped up on the mound and followed its length for several metres.

It seemed to be a back… the back of a leafy whale perhaps, slumbering in the coolness of the morning forest.


I followed the spine…

… all the way to the creature’s head.

I jumped back in fright!

For this creature was no gentle whale, but a sleeping giant that I was afraid to awaken. The dark eyes, the leafy hair, the feeling of brooding.


What is this mysterious object if not a sleeping giant?

The answer will be revealed tomorrow. Until then, check out That’s my world!

26 thoughts on “Mysterious object: the sleeping giant

  1. Maybe someone buried a stinky cheese right here? I love stinky cheeses, but in America they don’t appreciate pungent smells. In Europe a cheese is a living thing, in America it’s dead, wrapped in plastic in the fridge and it has no odor.


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