What’s smelly and not so deadly?

DurianI’m so glad to be able to bring you this breaking news… Perhaps that’s because I have a good nose for a story. And talking of noses, what kind of food do we prize for its smell?

Well, there’s the durian, deliciously enthralling with its smell of rotting compost. (Smells rotten, tastes delicious!)

And, of course, the smell of fermented herring is enough to make you wish for a permanent loss of smell and taste. (But more about that in another post.)

And then there is cheese. Cheeses that run off the plate, ooze down the sides of dishes, and run away screaming gleefully, “I stink!” After all, who wants a pungent-free cheese? Not the French or the Italians, and certainly not the British!

We may not be well known for our cuisine or our fine cheeses, but when it comes to stinky food, by golly are we good! Did you know that we hold Britain’s Smelliest Cheese Championships every year? This year’s pungent winner is none other than Stinking Bishop. Apparently, the cheese “blew the judges away and was described as smelling like a rugby club changing room.”

What an accolade! It smells better than cheesy socks or a hundred sweaty armpits or those clothes that have been slept in for over a week. (What is it about a rugby changing room that makes it smell like rotting cheese? Could it be the oddly-shaped balls, the violent tackles, the broken noses?)


Still, if you don’t like the taste or if you suffer from insomnia, you can always use the smell to knock yourself out. Is there a burglar in your house? Then just waft a hunk of Stinking Bishop in front of him. That should do the trick!

How did the cheese get its name? Well, apparently the cheese-maker named it after a drunken farmer who was famous for shooting his kettle when it took too long to boil.

It’s odd stories and eccentrics like these that make us proud of our British achievements.

Now – look at the camera and say …


24 thoughts on “What’s smelly and not so deadly?

  1. When I went to uni we used to look at the camers and say…Sex! Always made every-one smile and I thought I learnt it from you, or is my memory playing tricks?


  2. Hey Lady Fi, OMG, where do you get these king of fruits…lol. Hey, they are not smelly, they smell so nice and delicious, only that the scent is so strong that it can stay in your body for more than a day….lol. You have to stay/live in S.E. Asia to enjoy and understand the King of Fruit.

    Now I am going to hunt for the king of fruit..hehehe Have a nice weekend.


  3. LOL!!! Chris absolutely loves smelly cheese….he once bought one that was so bad I couldn’t bare opening the fridge!! His answer to that was to take said cheese and chase me round the house with it….unfortunately he caught me….and when he did he shoved a bit up my nose!!! Why did I marry him again???

    C x


  4. Ewww…I have heard about fermented herring. And Peter has been in Singapore and smelled the fruit that smells like a sewer.

    I do not apologize for only being able to eat food that smells good.


  5. Hubby has stayed in some hotels in Asia that have “no durian” signs in the lobby. LOL But as luck would have it i love stinky cheese!! 😀


  6. I’m not very keen on stinky cheese but Her Royal Frogness, being a Frenchie, loves the stuff. Sometimes, in the morning, I open the fridge to be greeted with a fart of fromage that sends me reeling.


  7. Well, that’s interesting. I don’t like stinky food. If it stinks (eg: cooked broccoli), I can’t eat it, even if I know it tastes better than it smells.


  8. Ohh, there is nothing I hate more than a horrible smelling cheese sitting in my refrigerator! When my husband accidentally buys the ‘stronger’ cheese – he hears about it until it’s gone. I cannot open the refrigerator and smell that in the morning – ewwwwww.


  9. Guess who likes the smelly cheeses most in this house? Yes, Clive – can’t leave one around for even a few minutes without his nose sensing it and trying to get to it!!

    – the little man’s mum


  10. Grinning! How funny is that!
    A farmer who shoots his kettle.
    I love cheese but not the “fragrant” typr,
    And Herrinngs have never passed my lips.
    My Hubby would eat them for sure!

    He stunk the house out with smoked Mackrel sandwiches Grilled yesterday!
    Gag,choke,splutter,Mabey that was why the kids and I slept so well.


  11. Oh I love smelly cheeses. There is none I dont like but I am trying to stay away from cheese because I dont know when to step away. And alway overindulge and thats not so healthy. Britain and eccentrics – oh yesiree and I have met many while living there.


  12. I have heard of durian, never had the displeasure of smelling it or pleasure to taste it.
    So the Brits have a smelly cheese contest, cheese making is an art, so I imagine that making the smelliest is also an art!

    Personally I love pickled herring.. Far Guy had a friend that would pickle anything.. bananas..they were weird..but the radishes that this guy pickled were so smelly that when they put some near an air vent, the adjoining rooms were evacuated due to the strange foul smell LOL 🙂


  13. when I was in Thailand I made a special trip to market because I HAD to try Durian!! I had to know what it tasted/smelled like…the descriptions from the locals were too much for me to resist!!


  14. Durian, smells like hell but tastes like heaven. That’s how we describe it and our city is quite famous for having the most delicious durian 🙂 I just love its smell:D


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