Dead People and Unsuspecting Bystanders

For those doubters, curious readers or voyeurs of the weird and wacky (that would be most of you, I guess!), I would like to set your minds at rest. The books I talked about in my Odd Balls post really do exist. You can even order them from Amazon or download them onto your Kindle if you are moved by sudden insanity or a desire to indulge in hilarity or both. I have decided to review some of these books for your reading pleasure.

OK – so I might not have actually read the books myself, but who says that you have to read a book before reviewing it?

First up, the title that says it all: People Who Don’t Know They’re Dead: How They Attach Themselves to Unsuspecting Bystanders and What to do About It.


In People Who Don’t Know They’re Dead, Gary Leon Hill tells a family story of how his Uncle Wally and Aunt Ruth, Wally’s sister, came to counsel dead spirits who took up residence in bodies that didn’t belong to them. When people die by accident, apparently they get freeze-framed. Even if they die naturally, they might not notice they’re dead. Although, to be honest, I would have thought that waking up to find that you don’t have a body anymore would have been a big clue.

Anyway, these spirits hop into someone else’s body and think it’s their own – and that’s frustrating – for the dead person. And if you happen to be the live person with a spirit attached, then life can be a bit haunting – or even daunting. Apparently. So, if you believe in spirits, then get down to your local bar this book will be your cup of tea.

Do you believe in the paranormal? I’m not really sure – but I like to keep an open mind on most things. There are a lot of unexplained mysteries in the world, and spirits of the dead may well be another one. So, one half of me remains skeptical while the other half remains open… (Confused? Me too!)

And, for those of you who want more humour and less thinking, here’s half a joke:

What ride do spirits like best when they go to an amusement park?

Leave your answers in the comments – if you like!

27 thoughts on “Dead People and Unsuspecting Bystanders

  1. I am still only pages into the 19th wife, and that is a good one. Well I guess I will have to request this one from the library also.

    Thanks for the hint.



  2. I am definitely a skeptic. I believe in most stuff…. but paranormal….hmmm…. I think it is the stuff that movies are made from.
    Not to say I am not open to Learning, but as of today, at age 39, I can definitely say…Nope.


  3. Very interesting. I am like you very confused…lol. Our chinese custom believed that a person wont know they are dead and they will know only after few days when they started to notice their fingernails drop off (sounds scary right). You might like to read how the chinese conduct the funeral rites in here.

    Maybe I can do a post and tell you more scary stuff…lol.

    BTW I am a free thinker.


  4. Sounds kind of like that movie with Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin … I can’t remember that name of it at all. I have to say I don’t really buy this … but perhaps the dead person who is attached to my body might disagree.

    And I’m guessing roller coasters.


  5. Ghost train has to be the answer. The hall of mirrors wouldn’t be fun if they were not visible!

    As for people who should be dead (and obviously they are phsically dead anyway) I could tell you the one about the lady at the hospice- the nurses told her husband she had died, but when they lowered the head of the bed she suddenly sat up and asked for a cigarette. Her husband told me this story six months ago and she did finally die a few days after this incident but not until after she gave the nurse quite a fright!! he was quite proud that his wife died in her own unique way and when she was ready! I kid you not.


  6. I’m voting for Merry Ghost Round…;-)) I’m like you, trying to keep an open mind but since I’ve never personally experienced anything there is a skeptical side…but never say never is a great thing to live by.
    Kinda creepy thinking ghosts hop in bodies of living people…one thing they are floating around moving stuff…another if they are able to control a living human…ugh…weird…hope I never meet that kinda ghost!!!


  7. Si Pi! Roller rock! I am a free thinker..strange but true..last Januarury a neighbor lady was on her deathbed, family all around, she stopped breathing several times, then all of a sudden sat up told them all to go home as she was “told” it was not her time yet..and it wasn’t til three weeks later..
    Spirits… I think they might be everywhere..we just don’t see them until we need to. I have only ever seen friendly I am not loony tunes either. Two were dogs that I missed desperately and my father in law stopped by one day..for about a five second visit.. strange but true:)


  8. The “Haunted house” (is there such a ride? There used to be, way back when I was young) We don´t have amusement parks here… 🙂 Anyway spirits must feel home there. 🙂


  9. I’m totally a skeptic – don’t really buy into any of the paranormal stuff, but I still love to read ghost stories and watch Ghost Hunters on TV. And I don’t think I can top “Roller Ghoster” so I’m not even going to try!


  10. “So, one half of me remains skeptical while the other half remains open…” I’m completely with you. The topic is fascinating.


  11. I’m a sceptic myself but I also work as a home hospice nurse and quite often hear or am told by patients of their seeing a loved one who has already died waiting for them (or telling them not yet). I don’t have an answer to that but have learnt to listen to my patients as they are usually right even when physically what happens to them doesn’t ‘correlate’ with their actual symptoms.


  12. I simply can’t get beyond the title. I’ve spent the last few days wondering if I could be dead and not know it… Your book reviews are the best, Lady Fi. Keep them coming.


  13. That sounds like such a funny book! I would like to think there’s more to all this living, and that there are spirits, but it’s hard to believe it.


  14. I do believe, kinda. Living in this pile of rock before we renovated it, it was very easy to believe. Without electricity, and with lots of creaking doors and windows hanging off, the place was pretty spooky. The past inhabitants were still here. But with new ceilings, floors, staircase, roof, windows, etc. etc. they’ve gone. Perhaps they don’t like the decor…


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