Sisterly love

It’s been a while since I last saw my sister. That’s one of the downsides of living in different countries. And although she has already left us, I prefer to focus on hellos, rather than the vacuum that good-byes create.

So, this is us meeting up again. In our own inimitable way.

First off, my sister tries to strangle me while she is still half-asleep… (She’s the sleepy-eyed figure on the right.)


Then we take a good long look at each other, assessing the changes that have taken place during the past six months.

My sister thinks: Oh my goodness! The folds on her face make her look like an accordion. Poor thing!

And I think: What?! Am I really related to you?


What we actually say is: It’s just lovely to see you again!

Because it is.

Even if we are just that bit more more wrinkled and tired…

28 thoughts on “Sisterly love

  1. My sister is taller then me too!!! Heck everyone is taller then me!! I haven’t seen my sister in over a year- but it’s as you say, always great to see each other again. Will you be going to England to see her next time?? Have a great weekend!!!


  2. One of my sisters lives in Australia so I don’t get to see her that often which is a shame. Still, gawd bless the internet and emails and photos etc.


  3. What lovely photos and you’ve got freckles like me. I must explain why I never replied to your email about Henry’s mum and Braja that time. When I go on to wordpress I use the email that I save for work and – yes you’ve guessed it – the other day was the first bit of work I’ve done for Mr FF for ages. I got such a shock when I saw your belated message amongst lots of boring entries.

    You must have thought me very rude.



  4. It really was great to see the cousins and their mother again, let us not wait so long again before the next time!


  5. Being an only child, I envy anyone who has siblings – especially sisters! Looks like you had great fun together!

    Have a good weekend
    – little man’s mum


  6. I was startled to see my sister had chosen a lousy photo with my eyes half closed, but did sigh with relief when she explained why she had chosen it. Yes, we had a wonderful time together, always good to see her. We do have another just as wonderful sister too far away in Perth (and not Perth, Scotland); otherwise she would be joining in for photoshoots too, of course.
    Yes, I love my sisters dearly, and my brother. 🙂


  7. How lovely to look into the face of someone you love and who shares all the memories of your early life. It is truly a bond like no other. Desperately glad for you that you have your sister. And you both have SUCH a GLEAM in your eyes. I’ll bet you are a rare pair!


  8. I´m new to your blog, but really enjoying it. You are hilarious! 🙂
    I know the feeling of missing our loved ones, having my daughter living in Canada and me in Paraguay.
    So I know the feeling!
    You and your sister look a lot alike (meaning only good looking… :))


  9. My sister by comparison only lives 5 hours away. It might as well be five countries. We only get to see each other a few times a year. And I dearly miss her.

    So glad that you got a good visit in.



  10. ladyfi: I see your lovely sister is not interfering in any way with your wonderful ability to blog! She is a peach and I am off to join that barefoot society of which you have speak!

    Wonderful pictures, and like another of your commenters, as an only child, I can only envy your closeness, similarities, and differences as sisters and good friends.

    Have a wonderful weekend, ladyfi – Loved the April Herring the Cheezburger Catz, and everything you ever write, dahlink! xox


  11. So, Lady Fi’s sister. Do you think having one sister who moved to Sweden and another sister who moved to Australia is in any way significant??!


  12. Oh my sister visited for a few days too. Its so great to catch up. I know exactly what you mean. You and your sister look alike too. And I didnt know your other sister lives in Perth. Thats even a long way from me……. and I live in Australia.


  13. I envy the joy in your faces. My sister lives in New Zealand, and I am here in Vancouver. I have a year old nephew I have not yet met. Soon, I hope, then I too will look like you did in those photos.


  14. Oh look at you two! Beautiful sisters. How wonderful that you were able to visit. Thank you for all your thoughts, and kind words. I miss all of you blog buddies. It is so great to get “out” again. Thank you for still stopping by.


  15. cute!!

    so, about Pay it forward – will you play?
    It is supposed to be about something you made and send to three others. Perhaps you…. write poetry? Draw? Sew? I dunno 🙂


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