17 thoughts on “Silly Saturday

  1. Funny! Hadn’t seen this photo. Hope you have a fun and silly Saturday! (Your “cheezeburger thingie” tag is making me hungry and it’s only 7:20 a.m. here!)


  2. I think the politicians need a quick to Oz. The wizard can surely grant them a heart. And while they’re there they can pick up a brain and some courage for good measure 🙂

    Happy weekend to you Lady Fi…


  3. I had to call him from the other room because this one deserves a larger audience than one laughing and trying to answer what is she laughing about so loud.

    And tell your sister that people who are barefoot all the time are better lovers. Now, how would I know that? 😉 Enjoy your weekend and her visit. And please say hello to her from another barefoot princess here, even tho I only do it between the house and the driveway at best but inside the realm, never even socks! Acclamations pour la pieds nus brigade!


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