Waffling on about spring

Today it is officially the first day of spring! The hens are laying eggs, the cows are giving milk and the flowers bloom like pretty balloons in the pastures. And hark – I can hear a choir of angels – or singing nuns – or … Wait! Back up… Because when I went out this morning, this is the scene that greeted me:


A glorious sun shining on the frozen lake so that it looked like a carpet of diamonds. Fresh snow and minus 13 C! Welcome to spring. By the way, did I mention that this is the first day of spring?

Some of you might know this day better as Lady Day or as the Feast of the Annunciation. Or to put it more simply, the Angel Gabriel told Mary that she was going to have a baby. And for some reason, the Swedes celebrate this day by eating waffles. A bit of googling told me that in medieval times, vendors used to sell waffles outside churches on special religious celebrations. In fact, they used to compete so fiercely about whose waffle was biggest that France was forced to instigate a ‘Waffle Law’ – a kind of restraining order that said waffle vendors had to remain six feet apart!

I can just imagine the French waffle vendors fighting – can’t you? Imagine all this with a French accent if you will…

“You are just a load of hot waffle, you leetle toad!”

“Your muther was an escargot and your father was a flaky croissant!”

“You mean, one of those croissants made wiz zee rich butter…”

“Yes. And with pastry so soft it melts in ze mouth. Oh, cabbages! We are supposed to be enemies…”

“Oh, yes! Sorry! You are just so full of crepe!”

And so on!

Now – where was I? Oh yes – trying to find a connection between the church and waffles. Just done that!

The other reason why Swedes eat waffles on 25 March is because it’s supposed to be the first day of spring. (Have I already mentioned this?) That’s right – hens lay eggs, cows give milk and those nuns are singing high up in the hills… Whatever! Anyway, eating heart-shaped waffles (for ALL waffles in Sweden are that shape) with cream and jam is definitely the first sign of spring. No matter what the weather is doing!


(My sister arrives from England this evening, so we have decided to eat the first sign of spring tomorrow instead… Oh – and if I don’t post quite so often this week, then blame it on my visitors. You know how demanding they can be – always wanting to eat food or talk or do something that can interfere with blogging…)

24 thoughts on “Waffling on about spring

  1. Ah, ladyfi, please tell me when I might best emigrate to your wondrous country – One where on the first day of spring, you might have mentioned that somewhere in your witty posting, they actually advocate the eating of splendiferous waffles?

    I am packing my bag tout de suite, cherie! I shall wave from the boat! I hope you have a lovely week with your visitors. A toute a l’heure! x


  2. That’s the trouble with visitors in particular and people in general – they’re always interrupting us while we go about our real lives i.e. blogging!


  3. Oh you’re making my mouth water. I could eat that right now. Loved your post – made me laugh about those French waffle sellers. Great stuff. Is it a holiday day in France then? I’ve not noticed, but then again I’m in the middle of nowhere here:)


  4. The little man loves waffles – one of the reasons we have to keep popping over to visit his auntie in Brussels is the ‘belgian waffles’ sold everywhere from vans – he adores the smell of them first, and then the taste! – he doesn’t think Irish ones taste the same at all but maybe he might be encouraged to try Swedish waffles! That photo looks yummy!

    Great post – we enjoyed hearing about your first day of Spring!

    – little man’s mum


  5. Well the mild weather and sun seems to have left us here so it must be spring all right. I love waffles – but have not had them for years – of course now I want some desperately.

    Enjoy your visitors and come back soon


  6. Yes, the complete reason I have NO ONE over! Bring her in and let us meet her. If she’s anything like you we’re sure to love her.

    Okay, I used my manners once today, that’s enough. Now on to your post – ROFL!!!! “You are just so full of crepe!” (Had to scroll back up and look for the exact quote and laughed out loud all over again!) LOVED the dialogue. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We have Nordic blood somewhere in the background, and family names like Henderson and Richardson – hence the 5′ 11″ blond, blue-eyed Viking daughter I gave birth to – so I guess that’s close enough to qualify us for waffles today. We will celebrate with you. Gotta go dust off the waffle iron………


  7. MMM! The waffles sound heavenly ๐Ÿ™‚ I truly enjoyed this blog post. Such great information and fun tidbits.

    Hopefully spring will emerge soon (and won’t explode ๐Ÿ˜‰


  8. The waffle looks delicious! The scene out my window is similar to yours. Last weekend we all got sunburns working in the yard – it was 70 degrees. Now the trees and grass are covered in snow and the temps have dropped to the 30s. Frustrating!


  9. Well my dear, if there is a place at your table…to heck with the diet! That waffle looks tempting, delicious and of course with absolutely no calories, right? And who cares about calories when eating in the company of lovelies! It was so nice of you to visit, and I am happy to be back, even if the road has been…shall we say, a little rocky? New builder and because Beloved and I have no sense, a new project. This time a sunroom to keep us outside when the snow would have it otherwise. I guess I will make waffles for dinner and celebrate with you from here. Hugs from a not-quite-Spring like Portland,



  10. Here in The USA we celebrated our first day of spring last week on March 20..it was so spring like I totally missed it. LOL
    Is it a different day in Sweden..please explain!
    Those are some fantastic looking waffles..did you purchase them??
    Ok we can forgive you just this once..have a great visit with your sis!


  11. Wahahaha you are good at dialogue “you are so full of crepe”

    Stop tempting me with food, you know I have issues where I tend to eat everything in sight.


  12. Mmmmm. That waffle looks like a work of art. And I want to eat it. Right now.

    Hope things warm up for you. I’ll bet that lake view will be another kind of gorgeous when spring finally arrives.


  13. Belgian waffles are nothing compared to Swedish waffles *hmph*. That’s… like comparing American pancakes with the Swedish ones. I have still not met or had one of my dear American friends or familymember over who doesnt beg me to make Swedish pancakes (oh and yeah, I have tried making a batch of pancake batter in the US – but it just doesnt work).

    And, the thing that cought my eye was the reference to a singing nun. Is it just me who thinks of the “group” the singing nuns and their one hit wonder “Domeniqua”. So thank you Fi, for getting that song on my mind…gotta be THE most annoying song of all times…and its on repeat in my brain now ;o)

    *goes mental*


  14. Loved the ‘French’ dialogue. And wish the Swiss celebrated with waffles. They are too busy spreading “liquid fertilizer” in the fields before the next snow falls…..Seriously, I can smell it.


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