Strange Shores: edition number … heck – who’s counting?

Welcome to another blog carnival! The one – the only: Strange Shores! I do believe this is number five, but can’t be sure. I rely on my co-conspirator Paddy to keep count – at  least until he runs out of fingers. Just in case you’re new to Strange Shores: this is a blog carnival where we take a look at the world from an ex-pat’s point of view.

treesAs you can see from my photo, spring hasn’t actually got to Sweden yet. Luckily, we got a break from the headlines about snow when Princess Victoria, who will one day be the Queen of Sweden, announced her engagement (at last!) to a regular guy. PaddyK brings you the good news with his tongue in cheek. (Where else would it be? Wait a moment – don’t answer that!)

Someone else who suffered at the hands of the weather gods is the charming Louise of Carmine Superiore. This story shows that she and her family are made of sterner stuff than … say, sugar!

A new friend of mine is the very funny Honeypiehorse. (What is a honeypiehorse anyway?) She’s a Californian transplanted to the chillier climate of Bavaria. Here she takes a look at the four phases of the Oktoberfest – complete with photographic evidence.

Another American is Kelli, who lives in Denmark. She has just started working at Herning High School and this has given her the chance to ponder the differences between education in Texas and Denmark. This will give your little grey cells some food for thought!

An ex-expat is Expateek: an American who lived in Poland but has just moved back to the USA. Trying to give stuff to charity in Poland requires muscles of strangec003steel. One way of getting those muscles – or dying in the attempt – is to go to the gym. However, if you’re Po from South African visiting a gym in the UK, then anything can happen!

And talking of the unexpected, Brenda in Paraguay takes an entertaining look at driving in Paraguay. In fact, her story reminded me of living in Fiji: the driving there was so exuberant that the buses would drive up onto the pavement and chase us poor pedestrians!

By the way, what do you listen to when you’re riding public transport? This is what Planet Nomad has to say about the music of her adolescence

Last but not least – my good self. This is how I get buns of steel... on my kick-ass sled! If that doesn’t work, then I just throw myself on the ground and have a good tantrum.

So, all you have to do my friends, is to sit back, grab a cup of your favourite beverage and enjoy these posts! They’ll be up for a few days so that you can always pop back now and then to savour these literary delights.

As for that three-faced horse – it’s been bugging me for weeks. I don’t see why I should be the only who is bugged by it: so here you are! Well, you know what they say about sharing a joy…

23 thoughts on “Strange Shores: edition number … heck – who’s counting?

  1. Madame, I may never, never ever, get over the nightmares produced by that horse!

    Thank you for helping us to be able to send cards to dear Braja, lovely LadyFi! And thanks for pointing us towards your beloved posts! x


  2. Popped over from Planet Nomad – Love your blog. Esp. the Sweden vs Switzerland.
    When we were getting ready to move to Switz. – everyone said “Oh, that’s where the good massages come from” me: “no, that would be Sweden” I don’t correct people anymore.


  3. Wow! I hope you do leave these links up for awhile so I can come back and finish reading. I only popped over to the first two and now I have to run.

    And that three faced horse (thing). Is very disturbing (shudders).


  4. Hi, I have to agree with that horse shot. I keep trying to find the comment button, and roll really quickly over the photo. And then I miss the comment part, and have to go back and look at the photo again…. funny how somethings bother only certain people.

    Could you email me please, wateringcans[at]

    I think that I have some of those cards in stock.



  5. You can’t tantalize me with all of this at ONCE!!! You KNOW I can’t say “no” to interesting news like this from all over the world. Oh man. Now I’m never gonna get the laundry done and my kids are gonna have to turn their underwear inside out…again.


  6. Oh jeez …. now I’m going to have nightmares about the freaky horse! Thanks so much, she typed sarcastically!

    And what a cool bunch of posts!


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