The historic trousers

You know that meme where you go to the fifth folder and publish the fifth photo?

Well, this isn’t it! For one thing, my photos are not that well organized! And for another, Sir Pe won’t get off my case unless I show you his butt! Sorry, I mean his new trousers.


You see, these are not any old trousers… And they are more than just new trousers: they are historic trousers.

As(s) we go through life, we tend to buy clothes that are the next size up. Or, if you’re a kid, you might shoot up one summer and go up two sizes at once.

And then, as adults, we tend to creep up in size and shape as we get older. Or, we stay more or less the same size, even if everything is going earthwards as if dragged by gravity.

Sir Pe has always bought new trousers that are bigger than the old ones. Until now. After lots of dog walking and giving up his breakfast chocolate bar (I know! Don’t even ask…) – he has now gone down a size.

He celebrated by buying three pairs of historic trousers. And mighty proud he is, too – quite rightly. Although the dog didn’t really see what the fuss was all about.

26 thoughts on “The historic trousers

  1. Hehe Nice one. I wish I could say the same…

    Breakfast chocolate bar? I could not get away with that. Talk about mid morning sugar low!


  2. Congratulations Sir Pe! It’s much more difficult to remove even a few pounds, or reshape a part, as we get a little older. I understand. The jeans look great, and the best part – you’re healthier! (Chocolate for breakfast!? I think I’m in love;))


  3. P.S. let me know what you think if you go see the Pre-Raphaelites. I think the selection was really impressive – could have been more women artists though! – but the exhibition area was SO dark and stuffy! Have no idea why they chose to do it that way when the rest of the Nationalmuseum is so bright and open. If it had been medieval icons with lots of gold perhaps I would have understood the “mysterious” setting but this just made no sense to me. I’m going to write and complain & ask why.
    The art was BEAUTIFUL though and everything didn’t come from the V&A museum or the National Gallery in London.


  4. Sorry ladies, but the butt is reserved. And as for the socks, they were a Christmas present from MotherOfTheCousins, so of course, i think they’re lovely 😉

    And LadyFi will find any excuse to post a picture of my butt! Just go back through the archives for a few more :-p


  5. I’ll have to do a post about those socks!! I’m the guilty party, not my sister…

    And yes, Hayseed, not only did Sir Pe give approval for this photo – but he POSED like that! 🙂


  6. Kelli: The Balancefit lives in its box only when it’s not being used, which is actually quite often. I need it to try and restore some strength and mobility to my foot!


  7. Congrats to Sir Pe on the historic trousers. I couldn’t help but notice that one of the tags for this post was “Big Butt” and I began to wonder… did you create that tag for this post? If not, how many other posts of yours have needed the “Big Butt” tag? So I clicked on it… and I really wish I hadn’t. (I think I’m missing something about how this whole wordpress tag thing works…)


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