The search for colour

Sometimes – in that hiatus between real winter and the thaw that teases us with hints of the spring to come…


… the world becomes a haze of grey skies and slushy snow the colour of old leaves.


That is when the spirits soar on the discovery of some much-needed colour.


Sometimes it is hard to see the beauty that is staring you every day in the face.

14 thoughts on “The search for colour

  1. Look at the pretty yellow and red… brightens my spirits today. (We discovered a flood in our basement on Monday night and have had a nightmare of a week.) The scene out my window this morning, is similar to yours. It’s grey here in Utah, lingering snow, but Spring is approaching somewhere in the distance. You’ve encouraged me to search for the colors all around me to brighten my day. Thank you.


  2. Love the photos – I think it looks delightful where you live. I love walking when it’s icy cold. And snow always makes the landscape look more beautiful. You’re very lucky.


  3. My heart is longing for the GREEN of spring! I love winters too, just not the extreme cold. Today it is blizzardy (is that a word, lol) but hopefully spring will be here soon.


  4. Love the pop of color — that is why brightly colored houses are a must in a cold wintry land! And I just saw the first flowers of spring poking their little heads up out of the ground…always makes me happy!


  5. Always good to take time to stop and smell the snow! 9(BTW — it was 9 degrees Fahrenheit here on Tuesday morning — and 75 today. What happened to the 40’s and 50’s?)


  6. How much do you have in Stockholm right now? The snow is melting in Montreal but I doubt the real winter will go away soon.


  7. Okay….is that a stone? a rock? an ostrich egg? a really big snowball? the lint you’ve been collecting? Must know.

    Love the red and yellow! Two of my fav colors and I always seem to return to them, along with green. Lots of all in my house!


  8. Robynn: It’s a big smooth stone that I found and which is perched on the front deck outside our front door. It’s covered in enormous ice crystals!

    Bluefish: It’s around 0 C – went down to minus 4 C last night. It’s still very icy and snowy in the woods, but the major roads are now clear.

    Everyone: Our little wooden house is painted yellow with red doors and window frames.


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