Help! I’m turning into Betty Crocker…

… or Delia Smith or Nigella Lawson! (Well, if you’ll believe that, you’ll believe anything…) I’m getting seriously worried. You see, it all started off so innocently – with tacos evening on Monday. Yes – I had to defrost the tacos quorn and put it into a saucepan! I warmed the tortillas in the oven (OK – they were in there for too long and had turned into crunchy toast.) I even mashed a couple of avocados and called it guacamole.

housewifeThen yesterday, Anklebiter #1 wasn’t feeling too well – and as it is winter break over here – I let her watch TV and then made banana pancakes for brunch. From scratch. I repeat – from scratch. With flour and eggs and stuff.

Exhausted by the concentration it took not to burn anything too much, I was ready to collapse and serve sandwiches for tea. Or even better – let the anklebiters fend for themselves. (I mean – they’re 5 and 7 so old enough to cook a three-course meal, aren’t they?) It was not to be. Anklebiter #1 wanted to cook with mama: because it’s fun and you never know where the food is going to end up.

The simple soup I suggested turned into veggie lasagne, with something that resembled a cheese sauce … I think. I’ve never made cheese sauce before. Is it supposed to be lumpy? How long does it take before it gets thick? And why were those flour lumps sticking to the bottom of the pan?

I suppose it might have helped if I had actually measured out the ingredients instead of guessing wildly.

I layered the tomato sauce with the cheese sauce and the lasagne thingies and then put sprinkled cheese on top. I decided to have a well-deserved blogging session while it was cooking in the oven.

It was not to be: was the top supposed to be a huge bubble? Is cheese meant to expand like that? Lid on or off? (On – keeps the burnt smell in.) And why was the top of the sauce that funny black colour?

The verdict? We made enough lasagne for six people, but the kids and I ate the whole lot! (Sir Pe was out of flame-throwing distance at a meeting.) So, actually, burnt top and lumpy bottom notwithstanding – (you do realize I am referring to the lasagne, right?) – it was a success!

31 thoughts on “Help! I’m turning into Betty Crocker…

  1. Lumps and bumps…..practice practice practice…as long as it tastes good thats the main thing for me even if it looks ugly….right i am off to discover who Betty Crocker is!


  2. First off I LOVE quorn! That’s what we used to always use to make tacos back when it was available to us.

    Cheese sauce: there is a simple recipe for this in Double Day or Joy of Cooking. (You pick) Make a roux. Add milk. Stir until thickened. Add grated cheese and KEEP STIRRING. Don’t EVER stop stirring until its all smooth and yummy.


  3. I love cooking and can make a curry from scratch but the thought of trying to make a cheese sauce makes me want to running to the hills!!! So, Hat’s off to you….I’m glad it was a tasty success πŸ™‚

    C x


  4. Sir Pe: don’t even joke.. I’m exhausted by all this real cooking…

    Mountain W: Creative when it comes to cooking? Just trying to not burn stuff…

    Blu: Those funny lump things burnt and stick to the bottom of the pan!

    Megryansm: Oh thank goodness, a soulmate! πŸ˜‰

    TypO: What’ a roux? Sounds painful….

    Sprucehiil: Well, I do mean to measure, but then it just seems too much trouble…

    Carol: Oh – now you tell me! πŸ˜‰


  5. Lady Fi – no such luck, you’ve as much chance of turning into a Domestic Goddess as mum. Sorry to p**s on your bonfire as folk would say in Yorkshire but I like to tell it how it is. Sounds like lots of fun though xxxxx


  6. We are all proud of you. Are you going to be writing a cookbook like Pioneer Woman any time soon?

    Everyone had to start somewhere………



  7. I love cooking – it’s one of my favourite things to do, not helped by the fact that I’m trying to stick to WW at home – and 19 points won’t allow me to even do a low fat lasagne. I bet your food was great – lumpy bottom notwithstanding.


  8. Amy + Swenglish: Thanks!

    Dog-geek and Henry: Oh thank goodness for that. I will relax….

    Meg: Exactly! Quite a few dishes have ended up in the bin!

    Jen: hahahaha… although my yoghurt and ketchup recipe got a lot of reaction – I’m not sure it was the right reaction! πŸ˜‰

    FF: Poor you! Try my recipe for yoghurt and ketchup. Unusual and low fat!


  9. ok, you have a way of using words to make even the craziest cooking experiences SOUND FUN!!!! And I am definitely in need of that banana pancake recipe for when Jess is in town next week!


  10. You Powerhouse…you!
    Hey if it’s edible it is a success!!
    Funnily enough I can cook very well in fact but I too get the black sauce and the puffy top thingy….Normally due to the lava of too liquidy sauce underneath causing steam.
    But as per mentioned all eaten…Must be a good thang


  11. Wait…tacos quorn? My vegetarian son would LOVE this, as we think Quorn has the best fake chicken stuff ever!

    Where does one find this little diddy?


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  14. Hello,

    I didnt read all the comments but the title of the story was odd because Betty Crocker was never a real person, its a corporate symbol, a name made up to sell merchandise and recipe books.

    Rob Turner


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