24 thoughts on “What happened to having a childhood?

  1. hahahaha! This is so true. It is amazing what kids can do! My little sister can program everything in the house! it’s amazing!!

    Love the new look! and thanks for the kind words you left the other day! I really appreciate it!!


  2. A lovely new look for spring, well it is almost here.

    I think kids learn all this sort of stuff effortlessly, it’s not so easy for all of us. Who is to say what is better – playing hopscotch outside or sitting at a pc? I suppose realistically a child should be outside (or inside) playing in a fantasy world but I wouldn’t be too upset if my youngster wanted to mess around trying to learn on a computer.


  3. How cute!
    Have you seen the horror going on at http://www.engrish.com? 😀

    The gradiation of colours looks so nice and warm to me! I’m not sure if you’re looking for opinions at all but this gives me more of a “familiar” or personal sense whereas your former blog layout looked more like you are a professional writer / that the site is directed more towards a general public, somehow.

    I’ve actually listened to Kirsty McCall (McColl?) in the past and liked her very much!! I’d forgotten about her. Too bad she died, so young 😦


  4. MT: Thanks for your kind comments. This is a template, just like the other one was. I chose the first one because it was light and airy. (Oh – and I am actually a professional writer but my blog is from me – the person…)

    Jen: Thanks! And thanks to the new template – I didn’t do much except tweak the sidebars and choose the colours. I can customize colours in this new template.

    TypO: Outsourcing – good idea! 🙂

    FF: Spring is nowhere in sight! My kids tinker around with computers and games, so I’m with you there. But just good old playing with sticks and your imagination are great too!

    Cs3 and Mrs. S: Thanks!


  5. Glad you weren’t offended 🙂 I’m so used to thinking about shapes and colours and layout – heck, I even took a class called Visual Literacy and suppose I feel the need to tell everyone what I see 😎


  6. Hey you got a new look! I almost didn’t know where I was!
    Cute kid on the computer, is he your new assistant..just kidding! LOL Have you seen the commercial with the four and a half year old girl that took a pic of her fish Dorothy and unloads it into the computer and THEN makes it better and THEN e mails it to family..you are correct..childhood as we knew it is long gone..and I am not so sure that is a good thing:(


  7. I love the new layout on your blog!! Great colors …they are easy on the eyes!!

    And I am still thinking about your 500+ pairs of earrings! I can only imagine the size of your jewelry box!!


  8. Cool! I like the new look! Very pleasing to the eye!

    The photo is unbelievably cute and the caption is hilarious! I remember my son loved to pound on the keyboard at that age!


  9. I like the new layout! I told hubby that our future kids can’t owe a computer until they’re 18, then they can buy it for themselves.


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