Embarrassing … or what?

As I was poking around the myriads of disorganized photos I have in iPhoto, I came across this one. My heart leapt for joy because it is actually a sewing success. Naturally, I had nothing to do with it. Anklebiter #1 worked on it painstakingly and in secret in order to surprise me at Christmas. No one helped her with the sewing – or the spelling. (God Jul is Swedish for Merry Christmas.)


My mind hopped like a gleeful kangaroo from: daughter to sewing failures to embarrassing moments. And there – like an unwelcome visitor at midnight – yet another of my I-can-learn-by-failure-but-when? moments popped into my mind.

About five years ago, when the first anklebiter was a toddler, she and I flew to the south of Sweden to stay at a friend’s summer place: a marvellous funky modern house with its own deck and stairs leading straight into the sea. As I knew we would be attending my friends’ large family gathering, I decided to fly in one of my best dresses: a long purple creation that I could float around in and imagine that I looked elegant in.

I wore this dress from the house to the airport, through customs, on the plane, at the other end, and finally, at this very posh outdoor party next to the glittering sea. When I finally took it off that night, I discovered that no one – NO ONE I tell you! – had bothered to point out that…

… there was a huge tear at the back of the dress. A gaping hole that stretched horizontally giving anyone and everyone an eyeful of my bright blue knickers!

(When I asked my friend if she had seen the hole, she replied, “Oh yes! We ALL saw it! But I didn’t want to tell you as it was already too late and it would just have spoilt the day for you…” Little did she know that I might have been able to salvage a few strands of dignity with the nifty use of a stapler, a safety pin or some duct tape!)

That is when I wanted a big hole to appear and swallow me up!

23 thoughts on “Embarrassing … or what?

  1. Yes, a hole probably would have been good about then, but I would have been relishing in the fact that I have such good friends that they can spend a glorious evening with me and my blue knickers and care enough about me that they wanted me to have a nice night also instead of being embarrassed to pieces…You are lucky to have such good friends!!!!


  2. My mum just HATES it when that happens. Uncle Hugh never tells her stuff (like the fact that she’s been walking around all day with a piece of spinach stuck between her two front teeth) She would have told you. That present is SOOO cute. xx


  3. Oh my goodness. Can’t believe how you must have felt. I’m the kind of person who’ll say straight away: “Lipstick on your teeth! No, there’s more!” I’ve even told someone as politely as I could “You need to blow your nose!”

    Etsy is a wonderful thing. I added a link in my post – http://www.etsy.com
    It’s a huge marketplace for handmade items such as original design jewellery, art, clothes – anything you can think of. Oh and they sell supplies too. There are people from all over the world; you have your own shop within the Etsy system.
    One of the few negative things is that you can’t change currencies or have both USD and SEK in your shop. Best thing I can think of is to list the Swedish price (including sales tax) separately and offer alternative ways of payment. What do you think? Would you feel weird paying in dollars..? I have bankgiro for my business, I have a business phone number; I’m just trying to structure it all….


  4. Hmmm Yes friend or foe???
    Neverless anyone with skirts tucked into kni ckers or a tear in the seam of pants or trailing toilet paper from the heel of a shoe is always good for a laugh for those watching!!!


  5. ouch must have been embarrassing. I once saw a friend of mine trailing toilett paper after she had been to the loo. Not from her but from her pants. not sure how it had happened. by the time i caught up with her she had been all over the coctail party and no one had told her. she was mortified


  6. Yes, that is quite embarrassing.
    I try to make a point to tell people when something is amiss…I would want them to do the same for me.


  7. My first reaction, “Oh NO”.

    My second, giggle. Has it not happened to all of us, at some time or the other?

    I went into the bank years ago, to get a mortgage. Waltzed in with my beautiful, wide and full length black skirt. High heels, the works. I am very tall, and stand out in a crowd, so imagine me.

    Half way through the bank, my pure white slip fell down around my ankles. What did I do? Stopped picked it up, stuffed it in my purse, and sailed on, head held high.




  8. Nonononono I cannot believe no one told you. Is that a Swedish thing? I would want someone to tell me asap. Sure the embarrassment sould be great, but it would be minimised!


  9. Talk about a major wardrobe malfunction!! I would have been SO embarrassed!

    And just for the record….I would have told you. 🙂 Whenever I see someone with a wardrobe problem, I do not hesitate to let them know.


  10. Well, I can’t make up my mind if that was a nice gesture not, to keep it a secret. I had a hole in the back pocket of my jeans and no one told me. They were strangers in a coffee shop though.


  11. We were probably separated at birth. I once performed in a dress I wore backwards…..accidentally of course. I’ll be back and come on over and visit anytime. Today’s post is about gophers attached to body parts.


  12. Friend 1: “But there’s a giant hole in her dress!”

    Friend 2: “Yes, but she’s having so much fun. Look at her!”

    Friend 1: “Fi darling, you look marvelous!”

    Friend 2: “Yes! Where ever did you get that dress?”

    This is the kind of thing that happens to me. Only people point it out them laugh.


  13. Hi Lady Fi, popped over to read your blog, and I will be back again. The dress fiasco what rotters not telling you thats frightfull.
    I enjoyed the music clip.

    PS a while back you made a comment about using wordpress and so couldnt leave a comment on certain blogs, I checked mine out and changed it. Thanks for visiting mine.

    Best wishes Blu


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