12 thoughts on “Something is missing…

  1. Beautiful sculpture. I saw one recently called “child bearing hips” that was an abstract sculpture of the lower half of a woman’s body sitting on the ground with the knees bent, and where her upper half should have been, it was flat like a tree stump with a sculpture of a tiny person (child) standing there. It was fantastic.


  2. Very clever! And beautiful. It reminds me of something I learnt at art class (I did life classes for many years), and that was to look for “empty” shapes. For instance if somebody holds a hand on a hip, you look between the arm and the body rather than trying to draw around the arm. Like drawing the empty spaces everywhere instead of the solid shapes. I can see a pair of lips inside the wooden figure! Or is it a ghost bat coming at you? 😉

    (Was this too much of an arty-farty comment?)


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