The mysterious case of the exploding litter bin

A few years ago, when Anklebiter #1 was but a small, wailing toddler in nappies, she and I went to the UK to visit my sister and her kids. We dropped off the eldest cousin at school, when suddenly, it happened. The scrunched-up face, the smell. Oh, the smell! Yes, there was a poo in the nappy that just had to be changed NOW!


In those days, I had a big bag surgically attached to my shoulder, containing all the dummies, nappies, plastic bags, wet wipes, bottles and formula that were needed to sustain a small person for the day. I whipped out the changing mat, a fresh nappy and a fragranced bag for the used one, and started changing the nappy.

As you know, we’re vegetarians, so our bowels move. Yes, they certainly have got rhythm! No neat poos here, but something that can best be described as poo soup. (Sorry if any of you delicate readers are wrinkling your noses in disgust – but it’s just a part of nature, after all!)

If you’ve ever tried to put a nappy on a wriggling octopus, then you’ll know that it was no easy task, but eventually, the nappy was changed and the old one deposited in the park’s litter bin.

The next day we heard that the fire brigade had been called out because that very same litter bin had…

… you guessed it! …

… caught fire!

I know what you’re thinking – because sis and I had exactly the same thought: that yucky nappy had self-exploded!

The truth? It really was a case of arson this time, but I’m sure that that nappy worked as a mighty fine firelighter!


I’m away on business for a few days, so I’ll see you at the end of the week.

P.S. If you want to be in the Strange Shores Blog Carnival this Sunday, then send me lots of dark chocolate and I might include you! Just kidding! If you’re an expat and have something interesting, amusing or thoughtful to say about the country you live in, then drop me a comment and include a link to a suitable post.

16 thoughts on “The mysterious case of the exploding litter bin

  1. You never get too old to enjoy a good poo-story!

    But that brings me to one of my (almost) life long mysteries that involves poo…I will spare you the other ones and focus on this particular one.

    I have always been wondering why the moose, or elk if you prefer…either which way, the Swedish kind, leaves tiny little poop in neat piles. Just like the hare or rabbit. I mean, the animal in question is HUGE. But it poops like a rabbit. What is up with that?

    After pondering for a few years I finally got the answer. From a vet. And the reason is; THEY ARE VEGETARIANS!!!!

    So, just because they eat the leaves off of the trees, they shit neat little piles. That in combination with intestines that are sort of 8-shaped and dries the poo before they decide to take a shit in the woods.

    Hence my next question: Human vegetarians are the absolute opposite of that. And Fi just confirmed what I already knew.

    The mystery still remains though. Enlighten me please!


  2. Huga! Det dĂ€r Ă€r inte lĂ€tt. Har ju fortfarande blöjbarn hemma sĂ„ ibland uppstĂ„r det, hm… situationer. Visst mĂ„ste man fĂ„ slĂ€nga de bajsiga blöjorna nĂ„gonstans, men ibland undrar jag om det verkligen Ă€r schysst.. och hur lĂ„ng tid det Ă€r tills just den soppĂ„sen kommer att bytas.


  3. You know I didn’t even read your title..I just looked at the chocolate cake with chocolate cream coming out and figured this would be another story of failed recipies….ahhhh little did I know…

    However, as a woman who works with 0-2 year olds almost every day and changes more diapers then I care to think about and has seen her share of poo..I had a real laugh at this..I know some of those diapers we change at work could probably start a fire…kill a whole community just on vapors alone….you name it…

    Enjoy your trip…must be nice to get away!!!


  4. Liar. It was the nappy…:)

    Hey I just started reading the 19th Wife and love it already…did you read it? What did you think of it?

    Found the post office yesterday…..clean and big and NOT CROWDED!! Yay! Presents arriving soon :))


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