I love you. Can I eat you now?

During the summer, the anklebiters and I were given the rather scary task of looking after our friend’s Venus flytrap. We watered it and watched it to see if it could catch flies. And rather like the strange plant in The Little Shop of Horrors, it grew and grew. In fact, I started hearing voices saying, “Feed me! FEED me!”


I hid in a corner until I realized that it was the kids wanting their tea.

To tell you the truth, I’ve never really understood why a carnivorous plant (look at that whopper devouring a Black Widow, no less!) is named after the goddess of love. Anyone?

The Venus Flytrap is a plant that likes mild weather and swamps where it can devour whole alligators to its heart’s content. So I was pretty sure I was safe…

… until my sister sent me this picture, that is:


Is that the Frosted Carnivorous Man-eating Trap?

Or … just a leaf with eyelashes?

27 thoughts on “I love you. Can I eat you now?

  1. If Venus flytraps developed the ability to walk, like Triffids, that would be game over for the human race! Whole alligators! Sometimes even whole families of alligators.


  2. I am proud to say that carniverous plants, particularly the Venus Fly Trap, is indigenous to my corner of the world. Eastern NC is very swampy and humid. They thrive here.

    At North Carolina State University, where I took copious botany classes, they have a greenhouse on campus dedicated to carniverous plants. It’s my favorite place on campus.


  3. We briefly had a venus flytrap-but it did nothing-didn’t eat any flies-I think it was a dud-I can’t keep houseplants alive, even carnivorous ones.


  4. Dumdad – let’s hope they’re not too intelligent then.

    Meg + Ronnica – I can see the brochure now. Come to NC – swampy, humid, full of flesh-eating plants. First class ticket home if you survive!

    Hayseed: We didn’t kill her plant, but we manage quite well with killing our own.

    Jen – Oh sorry. Didn’t reallize you didn’t like you-know-whats…

    Braja – I agree! It’s very pretty!

    Po – three on each hand – just like everyone else!


  5. Pretty photos – even the shot of the plant eating the Black Widow. My two oldest boys have tried to grow carnivorous plants and have had no luck witnessing a bug being eaten by a plant. Probably a good thing… they’re both prone to nightmares. My hunch is the plant would be flushed if it actually did what it was supposed to!


  6. ahahaha I have seen that movie too. I never got a Venus Fly Trap because of it. (shudder) I love plants, I have to admit i can grow pretty much any plant. They grow well too! My husband tells people we live in a green house! So I am scare to think how “well” the VFT would grow! It would look like the one off the movie!! eee eeee e e


  7. Neat photos. I ever saw a tv show about giant venus fly trap when I was young and always had nightmare about it…lol That leaf is really a piece of cake that looked like a leaf with nice icings and frosting on top…hahaha


  8. Is she called Audrey too? Actually anything that would eat spiders have my vote. After a nasty spider bit me while showering and left me with a rather disconcerting inflamed right eye and a horrendous headache, now I don’t show them the outside anymore if they come inside. Whatever is at hand is the weapon of choice. Sorry spider lovers. If it wasn’t because I fear our cat would eat the Venus Flytrap (she eats our orchids if she can reach them) I would put one in each room. Lovely shots Lady Fi!


  9. They are such beautiful plants! And I just learned recently that they’re native to NC, which I see a commenter mentioned above. I would never have guessed that. I get chills looking at that black widow though, yuk!


  10. Awe come on people!!!Venus Fly traps and Carnivorous plant cant eat people!!I have 2 Venus Fly traps and 162 carnivorous plants,and not one of them grew big anough to eat me!I don’t belive that anyone think that a Venus Fly trap can eat a man!!And what CRAP is it that you say that Venus Fly traps diet is alligators?!By the way were do you get little shop of Horrors?


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