Honk the herald angels sing. Glory to the newborn thing!

flanimalsYou’ve probably heard of Ricky Gervais – from The Office. But have you read his wonderful books about Flanimals?

They’re so disturbingly grotesque and funny that they prompted J.K. Rowling to write: ‘I generally oppose the banning of books, but there are some things our children shouldn’t know about. Nearly all of those things are Flanimals.’

When Anklebiter #1 and I were in the UK recently, we read some of the Flanimals books at bedtime. She couldn’t get enough of them. We were both flabbergasted and delighted by the Grundit, a big blobby Flanimal with a brain-like bump on its head; by the Plamgotis that swallows its hands in order to walk; and by the dozy Honk that spends most of its time asleep, only waking up to throw out the odd honk or two…

The books are a bestiary of all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures that elicit awe and feedback from parents, such as this:

‘I would like to apologise to Mr Gervais for my previous accusations. It turns out my daughter was already mental.’ Rebecca Fellows, Richmond, Surrey

It seems appropriate that my sister should give a boxed set of these books to Anklebiter #1 for Christmas this year.


They are a good antidote to the constraints and rules of school.

So, in true Flanimal style, let me spread some Christmas cheer!

Five  Honks a honking

Four Clunges ambling

Three Coddles flopping

Two Munges fuddlin’

… and a Blunging in a pear tree

20 thoughts on “Flani-whats?

  1. I’ve never heard of this author or these creatures…my curiosity is peeked….
    I’ve got to get out of the woods a little more often….. 😉


  2. haha i had never heard of them before! So…is it sort of like how Dr. Suess came up with all of these wacky creatures, but kids (and adults) love them anyway?


  3. Hey…the flanimals look kinda like the comments avatars on your blog! LOL!

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my BATW day article! 🙂

    kittens n kisses,


  4. Well I thought I was a Ricky Gervais fan. I’ve seen every episode of The Office and Extras and subscribe to his podcast, but this? I don’t remember this! Maybe because I don’t have any ankle biters.


  5. They look fab – would definitely appeal to my sense of humour. Had not heard of them before but may leave some ‘pointers’ around for mum to follow – I don’t think she’s bought me my christmas pressies yet:)


  6. I’m glad I’m completing everyone’s education! 😉 Just type in Flanimals into an Amazon site, and you’ll see all the different varieties of Flanimal books…


  7. That is CLASSIC!! Can i borrow those for kindergarten tomorrow?? PLEASE? We’re doing read aloud at 11:00 and 2:00. You are welcome to be our guest reader!!!


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