Cheeky fashion hits rock bottom

Yesterday’s post rang a bell with some of you. Quite a few people had tried padding out their bosom with some weird objects – like … um… rice! Tissues seem more practical though as you can always dive into that fetching decolletage and whip one out when needed (I’m referring to tissues here, folks!). A very practical fashion, if you ask me! (But you didn’t, right?)

Anyway, the other day, a senior sent my dad an e-mail that said: “For the first time in my life, I could have a cute little backside!” She claimed that this latest Japanese fashion rage was due to land in England any day soon.


Talk about fashion  mistakes!

Anyway, after several days pondering on the mysteries of the fashion world, I began to wonder if this really was a new fashion.

So, I did a little bit of digital detective work and discovered that…



……. this is NOT really a new fashion trend, but a fake kind of picture that you can mainly find in Japanese porn magazines!

Thanks goodness for that!

(It’s amazing what kind of Internet urban myths there are floating around these days.)

As for the Japanese – they would much rather stick with the whole Lolita fashion look. Lolita fashion has nothing to do with Nabokov’s novel of the same name, though. Apparently, the fashion is inspired by the clothes and aesthetics of the Rococco and Victorian eras, although why anyone would want to be inspired by the constraints of the stiff clothing and corsets of the Victorian era is beyond me.

pink_gothlolitaLolita fashion is not about looking sexy, but about looking cute and beautiful.

And just like Victorian times, dressing the Lolita way is also governed by rules (something I’m a little allergic to). But hey! Perhaps this fashion is something for you?


I can’t really see myself going out in a snowstorm wearing that! But, somehow, it seems to suit Japanese girls who want to join a clothing sub-culture.

As for that tissue issue – these days we have padded bras, wonder bras, uplifting bras and balcony bras instead of the stuffed-sock bra or the Kleenex bra.

As for you guys? Your equivalent is probably padded cycling shorts!

17 thoughts on “Cheeky fashion hits rock bottom

  1. heh heh – love those miniskirts.

    Sadly, those two girls in the frilly pink stuff look like the unconvincing transvestites from Little Britain.


  2. I just don’t get the whole cuteness trend in Japan, and really find it mildly disturbing. My husband would be disappointed to hear that see-thru skirts are not actually a popular fashion item, so I won’t be showing him those pictures!


  3. I have seen that Lolita look on an Australian girl in Borders bookshop in Perth. until I read your blog i put it down to bad taste- didn’t realise it was a fashion trend!!


  4. I was a bit disturbed about the sheer skirts I have to say. That would for sure be a trend not being followed in Wintery Britain.

    I’m no porn expert I admit but the Japanese seems to be VERY conservative.


  5. Yes – I’ve seen these skirts float across my email screen too. I had to check them out at – because I just couldn’t envision such a thing really happening. As for the rest of the fashion trend – I’m so glad I’m not a slave to fashion. Give me comfort ANY day of the year!


  6. That is so funny! I had to take a second look to realize they’re not sheer but just a print on the skirt. What’s with the whole undies up the booty skirt? Not a good look!


  7. I, too, am glad those skirts are not real. Though, I can imagine that there would be some women here in the US that would actually buy them and wear them in public. Scary!


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